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  • VLIZ recruits: Symfony PHP Software Engineer

  • European culinary competition with sustainable seafood: now for young chefs and waiters

  • VLIZ celebrates its 20th birthday - kick-off festive year 2020 at the Ostend football stadium

  • European Ocean Biogeographic Information System (EurOBIS) celebrates its 15th anniversary

  • Call Brilliant Marine Research Idea 2020

  • SeaBioComp develops new ocean friendly composites for maritime industry

  • New call international scientific prize Dr Edouard Delcroix: human health & the ocean

  • VLIZ Awards for Marine Sciences: call 2019 launched

  • Flemish research confirms beach nourishments as a sustainable solution for coastal protection

  • Open Sea Lab II boosting new data product ideas


About VLIZ

About VLIZ

The Flanders Marine Institute promotes the accumulation of knowledge and excellence in sound interdisciplinary research regarding the ocean, seas, coast and tidal estuaries. We do this together with other (marine) research groups and industrial partners in Flanders, Belgium or abroad.
  • VLIZ wants to create added value by initiating and conducting research in collaboration with academic and industrial partners.
  • The provision of services to the marine research community, educators, the public at large, policymakers and the industry is a central focus.
  • As a partner in various projects and networks, we promote the international image of Flemish marine research and international marine education.

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