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European Ocean Biogeographic Information System (EurOBIS) celebrates its 15th anniversary

Added on: 2019-11-05
Established in 2004, EurOBIS aims at centralising and making available the largely scattered marine species biogeographic data in Europe. Today – 15 years later – it hosts no less than 24 million distribution records of 62.299 species. Thanks to EurOBIS and the effort of many scientists working on a voluntary basis, these valuable data have a second life. ...

Call Brilliant Marine Research Idea 2020

Added on: 2019-10-23
VLIZ launches a call for a ‘Brilliant Marine Research Ideas’ intended to inspire and enable PhD students affiliated to a Flemish University or Flemish University College to execute a brilliant idea during their PhD within the frame of their research. Deadline for the submission of proposals is 31 December 2019. ...

SeaBioComp develops new ocean friendly composites for maritime industry

Added on: 2019-10-21
SeaBioComp is a new collaborative project launched earlier this summer. Aim is to develop and produce novel bio-based thermoplastic composite materials. In time, these could potentially replace the traditionally oil-based fiber-reinforced composites widely used in the maritime industry. The project also develops analytical protocols to evaluate the long-term durability of these new materials, and protocols to measure the reduced ecological impact on the marine environment. ...

New call international scientific prize Dr Edouard Delcroix: human health & the ocean

Added on: 2019-10-15
The Dr Edouard Delcroix Prize is a triennial international scientific prize (25 000 EUR) which will be awarded to a researcher or a research team for a scientific study on the links between oceans and human health. For the second time, a Dr Edouard Delcroix Incentive Award (2 500 EUR) will reward the work of an early career scientist. The submission deadline is 31 December 2019. ...

VLIZ Awards for Marine Sciences: call 2019 launched

Added on: 2019-10-09
To recognize the work of meritorious marine researchers, encourage them to continue doing this in the future, and promote marine scientific research in Flanders: that is what the Flanders Marine Institute wants to achieve with its annual science awards. Until 31 December, candidates for the VLIZ North Sea Award, VLIZ Master Thesis Awards and VLIZ Professional Bachelor Thesis Award can register for the 2019 call. The award ceremony will take place on the VLIZ Marine Science Day 2020 on Wednesday 18 March 2020 in De Grote Post, Ostend, Belgium. ...

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