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Flanders Marine Institute

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General Directortop

Mees, Jan

Coordination divisiontop

Blieck, Melissa - Administrative assistant Coordination
Coussens, Heidi - Management Assistant Coordination
Keersebilck, Nathalie - Coordination & Administration Projects and Events
Lescrauwaet, Ann-Katrien - International Relations
Mertens, Tina - Assistant director
Rappé, Karen - Senior Science Officer - Contact Philantropy
Vanhoorne, An - HR and financial coordinator
Westmeijer, George - Science Officer Coordination
Willaert, Petra - Administrative assistant Coordination - Reception

Research divisiontop

Vandegehuchte, Michiel - Research Manager
Bossaer, Mattias - Technical assistant Research
De Rijcke, Maarten - Infrastructure Science Manager
De Winter, Wim - Scientific assistant Research
Declercq, Annelies - Scientific assistant Research
Everaert, Gert - Data Science Manager
Hablützel, Pascal - Senior Science Officer Research
Hooyberg, Alexander - Science Officer Research
Missiaen, Tine - Senior researcher

Research Infrastructure divisiontop

Cattrijsse, André - Research Infrastructure manager
Deckmyn, Tim - Technical assistant
Gkritzalis, Thanos - Senior Marine technician
Houthoofdt, Robin - Marine technician
Scheldeman, Jessy - Facility Manager& H&S Coördinator
Theetaert, Hannelore - Lab technician
T'Jampens, Michiel - Marine technician
Van Haelst, Sven - Science Officer
Vandorpe, Thomas - Marine technician
Vansteenwegen, Dieter - Marine Technician
Vermaut, Jan - Technical assistant
Versteeg, Wim - Manager Marine Station Ostend

Data Centre divisiontop

Hernandez, Francisco - Data Centre manager
Amadei Martinez, Luz - Science Officer Data Centre
De Pooter, Daphnis - Science Officer Data Centre
Debusschere, Elisabeth - Science Officer Data Centre
Decock, Wim - Science Officer Data Centre
Dekeyzer, Stefanie - Science Officer Data Centre
Deneudt, Klaas - Project manager Data Centre
Dewitte, Elien - Science Officer Data Centre
Dillen, Nick - Science Officer Data Centre
Exter, Katrina - Science Officer Data Centre
Focke, Paul - IT specialist Data Centre
Hernandez Francisco, Tinerfe - IT specialist and developer Data Centre
Knockaert, Carolien - Science Officer Data Centre
Lanssens, Thomas - Science Officer Data Centre
Lonneville, Britt - Science Officer Data Centre
Lyssens, Liesbeth - Senior IT specialist and developer Data Centre
Maes, Pieter - IT specialist Data Centre
Mortelmans, Jonas - Science Officer Data Centre
Oset Garcia, Paula - Science Officer Data Centre
Reubens, Jan - Science Officer Data Centre
Rondelez, Jelle - Science Officer Data Centre
Schepers, Lennert - Science Officer Data Centre
T'Jampens, Roeland - Senior IT specialist and developer Data Centre
Tyberghein, Lennert - Project Manager Data Centre
Vandepitte, Leen - Project manager Data Centre
Vandepitte, Ruth - Administrative assistant Data Centre
Vanhoorne, Bart - Senior IT specialist and developer Data Centre
Verfaille, Kevin - IT specialist Data Centre
Waumans, Filip - Senior IT specialist and developer Data Centre

Library divisiontop

Lust, Heike - Library manager
Bouchti, Zohra - Science Officer Library
Chisala, Chilekwa - Library assistant
Verheyde, Fons - Librarian

Communication divisiontop

Seys, Jan - Head of Communications
Copejans, Evy - Senior Science Officer Communications
De Smet, Bart - Science Officer Communications
Fockedey, Nancy - Senior Science Officer Communications

Policy Information divisiontop

Pirlet, Hans - Manager Policy Information
Dauwe, Steven - Science Officer Policy Information
De Raedemaecker, Fien - Senior Science Officer Policy Information
Devriese, Lisa - Senior Science Officer Policy Information
Martens, Chantal - Blue Innovation Officer
Sandra, Matthias - Science Officer Policy Information
Verleye, Thomas - Senior Science Officer Policy Information


Diaz, Angela - Cleaning employee
Minkailova, Chedi - Cleaning employee

Employees in support of InnovOcean partnerstop

Coopman, Joke - Scientific Administrator [European Marine Board, more]
de Lichtervelde, Kristin - Administrative and Finance Coordinator [UNESCO; UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, more]
De Moor, Willem - Advisor [Joint programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans, more]
Delgado, Claudia - OTGA Project Manager, IODE Training Coordinator and IOC Capacity Development [UNESCO; UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, more]
Groen, Annelies - Administrative assistant [UNESCO; UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, more]
Lambert, Arno - IT Services Manager [UNESCO; UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, more]