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Flanders Marine Institute

Platform for marine research


General Management

Mees, Jan - General Director
Mertens, Tina - Vice Director
Vanhoorne, An - Financial Director
Hernandez, Francisco - Technical Director
Lescrauwaet, Ann-Katrien - Director International Relations

Department Science support

Mertens, Tina - Science Support Department Manager

General support divisiontop

Vanhoorne, An - General Support Division Manager
Blieck, Melissa - Administrative Assistant Central Supporting Services
Coene, Hélène - HR manager
Coussens, Heidi - Management Assistant Central Supporting Services
De Vos, Katelijne - Administrative Assistant Central Supporting Services
Diaz, Angela - Cleaning Employee
Keersebilck, Nathalie - Coordination & Administration Projects and Events
Minkailova, Chedi - Cleaning Employee
Rappé, Karen - Senior Science Officer - Contact Philantropy
Scheldeman, Jessy - Facility Manager / H&S Coordinator
Vandepitte, Ruth - Administrative Assistant Central Supporting Services
Vrijelinck, Daphne - Financial Administrative Assistant Central Supporting Services
Willaert, Petra - Administrative Assistant Central Supporting Services - Reception

Research Infrastructure divisiontop

Cattrijsse, André - Research Infrastructure Division Manager
De Crop, Wannes - Marine Technician Research Infrastructure
Gkritzalis, Thanos - Senior Marine Technician Research Infrastructure
Hanseeuw, Marnix - Technical assistant
Quaegebeur, Wim - Technical Assistant
Theetaert, Hannelore - Lab Technician Research Infrastructure
T'Jampens, Michiel - Marine Technician Research Infrastructure
Van Haelst, Sven - Science Officer Research Infrastructure
Vandorpe, Thomas - Marine Technician Research Infrastructure
Vansteenwegen, Dieter - Marine Technician Research Infrastructure
Verbrugge, Silke - Labo technicus onderzoeksinfrastructuur
Vermaut, Jan - Technical Assistant Research Infrastructure
Versteeg, Wim - Manager Marine Station Ostend

Data Centre divisiontop

Tyberghein, Lennert - Data Centre Division Manager
Beja de Almeida e Silva, Joana - Science Officer Data Centre
Cabrera, Patricia - Scientific assistant
Decock, Wim - Science Officer Data Centre
Decruw, Cedric - Science officer Data Centre
Dekeyzer, Stefanie - Science Officer Data Centre
Dewitte, Elien - Science Officer Data Centre
Dhondt, Charlotte - Scientific assistant
Exter, Katrina - Senior Science Officer Data Centre
Fernández Bejarano, Salvador Jesús - Science Officer Data Centre
Knockaert, Carolien - Science Officer Data Centre
Lonneville, Britt - Science Officer Data Centre
Perez Perez, Ruben - Science Officer Data Centre
Poffyn, Gizem - Scientific assistant
Portier, Marc - Project Manager Data Centre
Robberecht, Marie - Science Officer Research
Rondelez, Jelle - Project Manager Data Centre
Schepers, Lennert - Science Officer Data Centre
Van Maldeghem, Laurian - Scientific assistant
Vandepitte, Leen - Project Manager Data Centre

Library divisiontop

Lust, Heike - Library Division Manager
Bouchti, Zohra - Science Officer Library
Chisala, Chilekwa - Library Assistant
Verheyde, Fons - Librarian

Science Communication divisiontop

Seys, Jan - Science Communication Division Manager, spokesman
De Smet, Bart - Senior Science Officer Science Communication
Dewaegemaeker, Benito
D'Haese, Binke - Science Officer Science Communication
Fockedey, Nancy - Senior Science Officer Science Communication
Koster, Ilke
Tavernier, Annelies - Communication Officer
Tavernier, Ines - Senior Science Officer Science Communication

IT divisiontop

Vanhoorne, Bart - IT Division Manager
Bakeev, Dias - IT Specialist
Bouirig, Khadija - IT Specialist and Developer
De Paepe, Bart - IT specialist
Focke, Paul - IT Specialist and Developer
Hernandez Francisco, Tinerfe - IT Specialist and Developer
Lamote, Milan - IT specialist
Leclercq, Frederic - Analyst-web developer
Lyssens, Liesbeth - Senior IT Specialist and Developer
Maes, Pieter - IT Specialist and Developer
Noyez, Aubri - Full stack web developer
Roets, Steve - Operations Engineer IT
T'Jampens, Roeland - Senior IT Specialist and Developer

Department Research

Vandegehuchte, Michiel - Research Department Manager

Research divisiontop

Vandegehuchte, Michiel - Research Division Manager
Barradas, José Felipe - Researcher
Boes, Evelien - Scientific assistant
Bossaer, Mattias - Technical Assistant Research
Bouwens, Jan
Catarino, Ana - Postdoc researcher
De Rijcke, Maarten - Infrastructure Science Manager
Everaert, Gert - Data Science Manager & Head of Research Unit Ocean and Human Health
Feys, Torsten - Researcher
Freire Custodio, Marco - Researcher
Gutierrez, Jayson - Postdoc researcher
Hablützel, Pascal - Senior researcher
Hooyberg, Alexander - Researcher
Knapp, Edward - Science Officer Research
Leone, Giulia - Researcher
Li, Yunmeng - Researcher
Mestdagh, Thomas - Acoustic Data Processor
Meyers, Nelle - Researcher
Missiaen, Tine - Senior researcher
Muyle, Julie - Technical assistant
Niu, Zhiyue - Junior Researcher
Otero Fadul, Viviana - Postdoc researcher
Pannier, Stan - Affiliated Researcher
Perneel, Michiel - Researcher
Pint, Steven - Researcher
Plets, Ruth - Postdoc researcher
Praet, Nore - Researcher
Rubbens, Peter - Postdoctoral researcher
Schmidlin, Sarah - Researcher
Severin, Marine - Researcher
Shaikh, Hisham - Researcher

Marine Observation Centretop

Deneudt, Klaas - Manager Marine Observation Centre
Aubert, Anaïs
Debusschere, Elisabeth - Postdoc science officer
Delacauw, Sander - Science Officer
Dillen, Nick - Affiliated researcher
Goedefroo, Nanou
Lagaisse, Rune
Marrocco, Vanessa
Mortelmans, Jonas - Science Officer Marine Observation Centre
Ollevier, Anouk - Researcher
Parcerisas, Clea - Researcher
Reubens, Jan - Postdoc science officer
Rombouts, Isabelle - Science Officer
Van De Velde, Arthur

Department Valorisation and Innovation

Pirlet, Hans - Valorisation & Innovation Department Manager

Policy Informationtop

Pirlet, Hans - Policy Information Division Manager
Dauwe, Steven - Science Officer Policy Information
De Raedemaecker, Fien - Senior Science Officer Policy Information
Devriese, Lisa - Senior Science Officer Policy Information
Martens, Chantal - Blue Innovation Officer
Moulaert, Ine - Blue Innovation Officer
Sandra, Matthias - Science Officer Policy Information
Verleye, Thomas - Senior Science Officer Policy Information

Marine Robotics Centretop

Boone, Wieter - Manager Marine Robotics Centre
Develter, Roeland - Engineer
Fourie, Fred - Technical Assistant Marine Robotics Centre
Johnen, Geoffrey - Scientific assistant
Langedock, Kobus - Scientific assistant

Employees in support of InnovOcean partners

Coopman, Joke - Executive and Finance Officer
de Lichtervelde, Kristin - Administrative and Finance Coordinator
De Moor, Willem - Advisor
Delgado, Claudia - OTGA Project Manager, IODE Training Coordinator and IOC Capacity Development
Groen, Annelies - Administrative Assistant
Lambert, Arno - IT Services Manager