Conferences & workshops

Through the attendence and participation in several conferences, workshops or national fora, the THESEUS project partners disseminate project outcomes at local,
national and international scale. Below a list of conferences and workshops where a special session linked to THESEUS was organised or where the THESEUS project was presented by oral and poster presentations or through the publication of results in the Conference proceedings.




  Perth Australia   January 2014
  • Eastern River Basin District Annual Meeting
  Dublin, Ireland   December 2013
  San Diego, USA   November 2013
  Brussels, Belgium   October 2013
  Shanghai, China   October 2013
  Tainan City, Taiwan   September 2013
  • 3rd International Conference "Construction on artificial lands in the coastal and offshore areas”
  Moscow, Russia   July 2013
  Bergen, Norway   June 2013
  Bristol, UK   June 2013
  Tokyo, Japan   April 2013
  • JNCC workshop: Development of good environmental status indicators for intertidal rock
  London, UK   April 2013
  Berlin, Germany   April 2013
  Vienna, Austria   April 2013
  Alexandria, Egypt   April 2013
  • Workshop PSA project Impact of human activities on eco-morphological development of rivers and estuaries & JSTP project Fate or future of tidal flats in estuaries

    • Oral presentation: Seed arrival and seed survival in salt marshes
  Delft, The Netherlands   April 2013
  San Juan, Argentina   April 2013
  Sedan, France   March 2013
  • 42nd Benthic Ecology Meeting

    • Oral Presentation: Biogenic habitat at its northern range limit: Distributional changes in response to extreme weather events & recent warming
  Georgia, USA   March 2013
  • Porcupine Marine Natural History Society Conference

    • Oral Presentation: Biogenic habitat at its northern range limit: Distributional changes in response to extreme weather events & recent warming
  Swansea, Wales   March 2013
  Lunteren, Neterlands   February 2013
  Galway, Ireland   January 2013
  Utrecht, The Netherlands   January 2013
  • Education/workshop for guides of NGO ”Zeeuws landschap"

    • Oral Presentation: Tekens aan de wand: catastrophen en kantelpunten in kust ecosystems (Dutch)
  Wilhelminadorp, The Netherlands   December 2012
  Brussels, Belgium   November 2012
  Sevastopol, Ukraine   November 2012
  Ostend, Belgium   November 2012
  Rotterdam, The Netherlands   November 2012
  Copenhagen, Denmark   October 2012
  Keelung, Taiwan   September 2012
  Brescia, Italy   September 2012
  San José, Costa Rica   September 2012
  • 33rd International Conference on Coastal Engineering (ICCE) 2012, Santander, Spain
  Santander, Spain   July 2012
  Thessaloniki, Greece   July 2012
  • Vue de Meuse workshop

    • Oral Presentation: Belgian climate scenarios for impact analysis on hydrological extremes along rivers and urban drainage systems in Belgium
  Maastricht, The Netherlands   June 2012
  • COST Action ES0901 meeting.

    • Session: Statistical downscaling methods for projection of hydrological extremes
  Lyngby, Denmark   June 2012
  Venice, Italy   June 2012
  Prague, Czech Republic   June 2012
  Santander, Spain   June 2012
  Rhodes, Greece   June 2012
  Cherbourg, France   June 2012
  • Waves In Shallow Environments (WISE), 19th International Conference
  Barcelona, Spain   April 2012
  Vienna, Austria   April 2012
  Marseille, France   March 2012
  Ostend, Belgium   March 2012
  Komotini, Greece   March 2012
  Dhaka, Bangladesh   February 2012
  Chennai, India   February 2012
  Paris, France   February 2012
  • 10th National Symposium on Oceanography and Fishery
  Greece   2012
  • 11thInternational Conference on Marine Science and Technology
  Varna, Bulgaria   2012
  • FP7 Waterdiss 2.0
  Liverno, Italy   2012
  Biarritz, France   October 2011
  Compiègne, France   October 2011
  Yokohama, Japan   September 2011
  Aberdeen, UK   September 2011
  • 46th European Marine Biology Symposium
  Rovinj, Croatia   September 2011
  Southampton, UK   September 2011
  • 20th Conference A.I.O.L. (Italina Association of Limnology and Oceanology)
  Lecce, Italy   July 2011
  Plymouth, UK   June-July 2011
  Aachen, Germany   June 2011
  Brisbaine, Australia   June 2011
  Groningen, The Netherlands   May 2011
  Vienna, Austria   April 2011

Texel, The Netherlands

  March 2011
  • Porcupine Marine Natural History Society Annual Conference
  Southampton, UK   March 2011
  Lunteren, Neterlands   February 2011
  • Environment Centre Wales Seminar Series
  Bangor, Wales   January 2011
  • 5th Panhellenic Conference on Maritime
  Athens, Greece   November 2010

Qingdao , China

  October 2010
  • EU FP7 THESEUS Taiwan
  Taiwan   October 2010
  • XXIII Int. Coastal Conf. In commemorating of the 100th Anniversary of professor Vsevolod Zenkovich: Coastal evolution studies: traditions and modern concepts.
  St. Petersbourg, Russia   October 2010
  • Institute of Civil Engineers SW Meeting
  UK   October 2010
  • Coastal Ecology Workshop 2010
  Conwy, Wales, UK   October 2010
  • XXI Congreso Nacional de Hidraulica, Guadakajara
  Jalisco, Mexico   October 2010
  Oostend, Belgium   October 2010
  Barcelona, Spain   September 2010
  Hamburg, Germany   September 2010
  • Self-organization patterns in nature: from molecules to humans”, summer school
  Madrid, Spain   September 2010
  • Combined Universities in Cornwall Environmental Research Forum
  Cornwell, UK   September 2010
  • XXXII Convegno Nazionale di Idraulica e Costruzioni Idrauliche
  Palermo, Italy   September 2010
  Rotterdam, The Netherlands   September 2010

Shanghai, China

  July 2010
  • Defra Sensitivity & Pressures Workshop
  Peterborough, UK   July 2010
  Brest, France   June 2010
  • IV LaguNet Congress - Transitional water, complexity, vulnerability management and wealth of knowledge
  Italy   June 2010
  • 2nd international Conference (School) on ”Dynamics of coastal zone of non-tidal seas”
  Kaliningrad, Russia   June 2010

Venice, Italy

  May 2010
  • The Sixth International scientific and practical Conference “ Construction in coastal resort regions
  Sochi, Russia   May 2010
  • IBW PAN Annual Session


  May 2010
  • Countryside Council for Wales sensitiveity and pressures workshop

Bangor University, UK

  May 2010
  Santander, Spain   April 2010

Venice, Italy

  April 2010
  St. Andrews, UK   April 2010
  • 6th International conference “Global Canges” – Global Changes and Regional Development, Sofia University

Sofia, Bulgaria

  April 2010
  • Eco -science day

Bangor University, UK

  March 2010
  • URBANE stakeholder workshop, Marine Builogical Association of the UK
  Plymouth, UK   January 2010
  • Awareness meeting with stakeholders and end-users Varna Municipality

Varna, Bulgaria

  • International Conference ”Systems of Environmental Control”

Sevastopol, Ukraine

  • International Conference ”Global and Regional Climate Changes”

Kiev, Ukraine

  • Presentation in French Senate: Mission sénatoriale d'information sur les conséquences de la tempête Xynthia (Sergent & Vanderlinden)
  Paris, France   2010
  • International Conference ”Environmental and Ekosystem variability in the Black sea under the ant. press and climate changes

Kacively, Ukraine


Mission sénatoriale d'information sur les conséquences de la tempête Xynthia

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