Higher trophic levels in the Southern North Sea
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TROPHOS is a co-operation between five Belgian institutes (UGent, KULeuven, IN, MUMM and VLIZ) and one Dutch institute (NIOO-CEME) and aims at a better understanding of processes structuring the higher trophic levels in the North Sea. It is a four year research project carried out in the framework of the SPSD-II research action of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office.

As the link between ecosystem functioning and aquatic biodiversity will not be ignored, the results of this project will also contribute to the sustainable management of those areas of the Belgian Continental Shelf (Southern Bight of the North Sea) that meet the criteria for protection as marine reserves.



  • TROPHOS project is finalised. The follow-up project is WESTBANKS

  • The integrated TROPHOS-Westbanks database is partly available online and partly on the restricted pages of the Westbanks website. go to public TROPHOS-Westbanks database

  • The TROPHOS Final report can be downloaded here.

Supported by
the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office

General coordination: Magda Vincx, Jan Vanaverbeke
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