Marine Information and Data Acquisition System
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The -Marebasse- research project is essentially meant to set-up an integrated assessment framework for marine aggregates. This framework is regarded important to answer management/policy questions on how a sustainable exploitation of marine resources should be viewed and what approaches should be envisaged. This implies that essentially an increase of knowledge is necessary on the level of the sediments themselves and their distribution, but also on the dynamical environment. The project is structured around a three-tiered approach encompassing three spatial scales: broad-based, regional and site-specific. Fieldwork programmes are the focal point of the regional and site-specific research, however with a coupling towards the broad-based approach.

Cruise Area Start End
05-341 BCP 16 Jun 2005 17 Jun 2005
06-401 Sierra Ventana 26 Jun 2006 26 Jun 2006