Marine Information and Data Acquisition System
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INRAM - Integrated Risk Assessment and Monitoring of micropollutants in the Belgian coastal zoneĀ· Using an integrated risk assessment approach INRAM aims to: (1) study the transfer and environmental concentrations of established priority compounds (cf. OSPAR, WFD and the UNECE lists) and emerging pollutants (e.g. pharmaceuticals) transfer via the three Belgian coastal harbours and the Scheldt, to coastal waters, (2) develop and apply an unique research and assessment strategy combining (a) novel field and laboratory ecotoxicological methods with high ecological (and commercial relevance and (b) new sampling and sensitive analytical techniques and (c) in-depth ecological studies of key species (including an avian top-predator) in the Belgian coastal (3) by using an integrate approach we will establish the ecological effects and food chain transfer of these chemicals and thus for the first time, be able to evaluate and quantitatively establish the relationship between local occurrence of hazardous compounds, ecosystem health and potential human health effects,and (4) develop and evaluate a framework and toolbox for the assessment and monitoring the chemical anthropogenic pressures on coastal ecosystems and commercial marine products.

Cruise Area Start End
07-130   08 Mar 2007 09 Mar 2007
07-310   14 May 2007 14 May 2007
07-311 BCP 15 May 2007 16 May 2007
07-381 Westerschelde 14 Jun 2007 14 Jun 2007
07-452   02 Jul 2007 02 Jul 2007
07-702   12 Dec 2007 13 Dec 2007