MERMAID Conference on Multi-Use Offshore Platforms

Challenges and Opportunities for Europe


8:30 – 9:00 Registration and welcome coffee
9:00 Welcome and introductionModeration: Quentin Cooper, BBC Radio 4 (UK)
9:10 Welcome address
Henrik Caspar Wegener (Executive Vice President of the Technical University of Denmark)
9:15 Importance and opportunities for R&D on Multi-purpose offshore platforms EC - DG Research & Innovation - Ivan Conesa Alcolea (Policy Officer) on behalf of Sieglinde Gruber (Head of Marine Resources Unit)
9:25 The MERMAID approach: main tools, results and recommendations MERMAID project coordinator Erik Damgaard Christensen (Technical University of Denmark) and MERMAID partners
10:00 - 10:40 A point of view by the industry
10:00 Integration of offshore wind with offshore oil and gas installations Henrik O. Madsen (Former Group President & CEO at DNV GL - Denmark)
10:15 The integration of the offshore wind farm with aquaculture farming turns the conflict into cooperation Geirr Haarr (STATOIL – Norway)
10:40 Coffee break
11:00 - 12:00 Regional opportunities
11:00 Baltic Sea site Ole Svenstrup Petersen (DHI Water × Environment × Health – Denmark)
11:15 Wadden Sea – North Sea site Jan-Joost Schouten (Deltares – The Netherlands)
11:30 Atlantic Ocean site Raúl Guanche (University of Cantabria – Spain)
11:45 Mediterranean Sea site Phoebe Koundouri (Athens University of Economics and Business - Greece ) on behalf ofBarbara Zanuttigh (Università di Bologna – Italy & Delft University – The Netherlands)
12:00 Networking lunch & fair
13:30 - 15:00 Break-out sessions
  • Assessing the financial, economic and social effects of offshore platforms for investors, policy makers and general public. Chair: Phoebe Koundouri (Athens University of Economics and Business - Greece ) & Marian Stuiver (Wageningen University and Research Centre – The Netherlands)
  • Technical challenges for offshore engineeringChair: Jan-Joost Schouten (Deltares – the Netherlands)
  • Wind and wave energy: synergies and opportunities Chair: Raúl Guanche (University of Cantabria – Spain)
  • Large-scale offshore aquaculture: environmental impacts Chair: Øivind Bergh (Institute of Marine Research – Norway)
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 - 16:00 Complementary EU- initiatives related to MERMAID
15:30 Presentation of TROPOS Thomas Lockhart (DCNS Group - France) on behalf of Joaquín Hernández-Brito (PLOCAN - Spain)
15:45 Introduction to MARIBE Gordon Dalton (University College Cork – Ireland)
16:00-17:00 Multi-Use Offshore Platforms: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe
16:00 Wrap up of breakout sessions
16:20 Panel discussion  Erik Damgaard Christensen, Geirr Haarr, Henrik O. Madsen, Raúl Guanche, Øivind Bergh, Phoebe Koundouri
& Jan-Joost Schouten
17:00 Reception