H2OCEAN (Development of a wind-wave power open-sea platform equipped for hydrogen generation with support for multiple users of energy) is one of the other 2 projects on multi-use offshore platforms that have been selected for funding by the European Union in response to Ocean 2011 (FP7-OCEAN.2011-1 “Multi-use offshore platforms").

H2OCEAN aims to develop an innovative design for an economically and environmentally sustainable multi-use open-sea platform. Wind and wave power will be harvested and part of the energy will be used for multiple applications on-site, including the conversion of energy into hydrogen that can be stored and shipped to shore as green energy carrier and a multi-trophic aquaculture farm.

The unique feature of the H2OCEAN concept, in which it distinguishes itself from MERMAID and TROPOS, is that its focus lies in the novel approach for the transmission of offshore-generated renewable electrical energy through hydrogen. This concept allows effective transport and storage of the energy, decoupling energy production and consumption, thus avoiding the grid imbalance problem inherent to current offshore renewable energy systems. Additionally, this concept also circumvents the need for a cable transmission system which takes up a significant investment share for offshore energy generation infrastructures, increasing the price of energy. 




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h2ocean consept


H2ocean process diagram