Activities | CREST project


To achieve the scientific objectives, the project is divided into three core and three supporting activities. Over all activities a good interaction is provided between all project partners.

The project coordinator is Prof. Dr Eng. Jaak Monbaliu of the University of Leuven.

ACTIVITY 1 (lead: Erik Toorman, KU Leuven)
Integrated multi-scale wave-flow sediment modelling

(1) innovative open source models for the calculation and simulation of physical coastal processes

(2) practical guidelines for the use of these models


ACTIVITY 2 (lead: Peter Troch, Ghent University)
Advanced modelling of handling risks in coastal municipalities

(1) innovative open source models with improved calculation methods for wave impact on structures, buildings and people

(2) practical guidelines for the use of these models

(3) in situ testing sites open to the public and make them useful for awareness campaigns


ACTIVITY 3 (lead: Toon Verwaest, Flanders Hydraulics Research)
Improved understanding of coastal processes

(1) a better insight into the impact of waves and wind on the natural coastal protection

(2) innovative open source models for calculating and simulating the wind impact on dunes and beaches

(3) practical guidelines for the use of these models

(4) policy indicators to quantify the impact of storms and wind on dunes and beaches


Supporting Activity 1 (lead: Simon Claus, VLIZ)
Data, monitoring and techniques

(1) inventory of data, models and monitoring techniques

(2) data portal

(3) production of GIS maps for education


Supporting Activity 2 (lead: Dries Van den Eynde, RBINS-OD Nature)
Climate change scenarios

new improved climate change scenarios for the Belgian coastline


Supporting Activity 3 (lead: Tina Mertens, VLIZ)
Dissemination and valorisation

(1) project website

(2) outreach material

(3) valorisation of the newly developed tools and methodologies

(4) dissemination of project results to all stakeholders