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Project information

To communicate the project results towards the public, the scientific community, policy makers and educators, different strategies are outlined. Interaction with stakeholder is stimulated via regular meetings with stakeholders (guidance committee meetings) and bilateral meetings with strategic partners a.o. technical experts, coastal communities, …



Different strategies are used to involve stakeholders:

  • Outreach towards the general public by means of communication products such as a brochure, a roll up banner, newsletters, a project website (including data portal), conferences (midway and at the end of the project), guided visits at in situ test sites
  • Communication of the project results towards scientists by means of publications, presentations, scientific posters, project reports
  • Provide input for geography teachers via the production of GIS maps
  • Produce guidelines and indicators to stimulate the use of the project results by policy makers



Corporate identity

Leaflet CREST




Roll-up banner



Midway and at the end of the project conferences are organised to present the project results to a wide audience