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Test locations

Scientists make use of mathematical expressions and complex computer models (numerical models) to calculate the impact of climate change on coastal protection measures and the efficiency of future protection measures. These mathematical expressions and numerical models are able to simulate reality to some extent. Specific examples of questions scientists address are:

  • How will a beach respond to a severe storm event and how fast will it recover?
  • How will the sand and silt in the water be transported along the coastline during and after storm events?
  • How will sea level rise affect beach erosion?
  • What will be the impact forces of the overtopping water over the dike on the storm walls, the buildings and the pedestrians?
  • How will the wind erode or nourish beaches and dunes?

In order to improve and calibrate these mathematical expressions and numerical models scientists need data from real time situations in the field (e.g. storm events during winter) and from scale models in lab conditions (often called ‘physical models’) to consequently simulate the impact of design storm events. For this reason CREST-partners will execute both field measurement campaigns and laboratory tests.