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This portal, embedded in the Coastal and Marine Wiki, captures the output of the GIFS project in 7 themes (Background information, Economics, Education, Governance, Socio-cultural, Fishing Past & Present and Tourism). Each theme comprises the specific GIFS activity results including pictures and links to the final products and relevant websites.

The background information theme gives a general overview at a port or regional level, while the economics theme provides information about the economic value of inshore fishing for the communities. The aim of the GIFS education project was to enable the further development of a fisheries related and industry led model of Alternative education Provision. The governance theme then provides more information about the influence of the governance on inshore fisheries, while the socio-cultural theme outlines the interrelatedness of communities and fisheries. Fishing past & present paints a picture of the state of the inshore fisheries in earlier days and the present contribution to fisheries statistics in terms of landings, values and employment, while the final theme, tourism, highlights the relationship between inshore fishing and tourism both in terms of economic value and the influence this has on the local community. All themes are accessible via the overview map or can be consulted separately by clicking on the menu items. Different symbols on the map are used to identify the different themes.