Managing Fisheries to Conserve Groundfish and Benthic Invertebrate Species Diversity
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European Commission INTERACT Cluster


MAFCONS is one of six EC funded projects involved in the informal cluster INTERACT. The main objective of INTERACT is to bring together projects with similar interests to facilitate exchange of ideas and to enable the synthesis of information in the marine ecosystems and fisheries research area. The other five projects involved in the cluster are:

ETHOFISHThe effect of turbidity and hypoxia on the behaviour of coastal marine fish (QLRT-2001-00799).
Co-ordinator: Dr P. Dominici, E-mail:
RESPONSEResponse of benthic communities and sediment to different regimes of fishing disturbance in European coastal waters (QLRT-2001-00787).
Co-ordinator: Dr M. Demestre, E-mail:
COST-IMPACTCosting the impact of demersal fishing on marine ecosystem processes and biodiversity (QLRT-2000-0993).
Co-ordinator: Dr M. Austen, E-mail:
EFEPEuropean Fisheries Ecosystem Plan (QLRT-2000-01685).
Co-ordinator: Prof C. Frid, E-mail:
BIOMEXAssessment of BIOMass EXport from marine protected areas and its impacts on fisheries in the western Mediterranean Sea. (Q5RS-2002-00891).
Co-ordinator: Serges Planes, E-mail:

A project funded under the
European Union Quality of
Life and Management of Living Resources

Contract no: Q5RS-2002-00856
Key Action 5.1.2
Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

Project coordination: Dr John Lancaster
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