Managing Fisheries to Conserve Groundfish and Benthic Invertebrate Species Diversity
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University of Wales Swansea
Singleton Park, Swansea,
SA2 8PP, UK.

Lead scientist
Dr. John Lancaster (Project co-ordinator)

Active scientists
Dr. Ruth Callaway,

Fisheries Research Services, Marine Laboratory
PO Box 101, Victoria Road,
Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, UK.

Lead scientist
Dr. Simon Greenstreet (Scientific co-ordinator)

Active scientists
Dr. Leonie Robinson,
Mike Robertson,
Helen Fraser,
Nick Jacob,

The Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research
Animal Sciences Group, Wageningen UR,
P.O. Box 77, 4400 AB Yerseke, The Netherlands

Lead scientist
Dr. Johan Craeymeersch

Active scientists
Ingeborg deBoois ,
Dr. Gerjan Piet ,
Dr. Henk Heessen,

Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg
Senckenberg Institute, Dept. for Marine Research
Suedstrand 40, D - 26382 Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

Lead scientist
Dr. Ingrid Kröncke

Active scientists
Henning Reiss,

Institute for Sea Fisheries (Subcontractor to Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg)
Institut für Seefischerei (ISH), Palmaille 9,
D-22767 Hamburg, Germany.

Lead scientist
Dr. Siegfried Ehrich

Institute of Marine Research
Nordnesgaten 50, P.b. 1870, Nordnes N-5024,
Bergen, Norway.

Lead scientist
Dr. Jan Helge Fosså

Active scientists
Dr. Lis Lindal Jørgensen,

Ghent University
Department of Biology, Marine Biology Section,
Krijgslaan 281 - S8, B 9000, Gent, Belgium.

Lead scientist
Dr. Steven Degraer

Active scientists
Annelies Goffin,

"The happy gang enjoying glorious weather at the February 2004 MAFCONS project meeting, Wilhelmshaven."
Back row: Simon Greenstreet, Steven Degraer, Mike Robertson, Annelies Goffin, Henning Reiss (extreme back row), Johan Craeymeersch.
Front row: John Lancaster, Ruth Callaway, Lis Lindal Jørgensen, Leonie Robinson, Helen Fraser, Ingeborg deBoois, Ingrid Kröncke.

A project funded under the
European Union Quality of
Life and Management of Living Resources

Contract no: Q5RS-2002-00856
Key Action 5.1.2
Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

Project coordination: Dr John Lancaster
Web site hosted by VLIZ