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2nd International Conference on Integrative Salmonid Biology

Jun-10-14 to Jun-13-14

Vancouver, BC, Canada

he ICISB is an opportunity for the salmonid community to come together to explore, as broadly as possible, the opportunities that will emerge from the availability of the salmonid sequence and state-of-the-art R&D to highlight scientific challenges that will require concerted international efforts in the years to come.

The 1st ICISB was held in Oslo, Norway, June 2012 to mark the release of the draft sequence of the Atlantic salmon. Two hundred scientists and industry representatives from around the world discussed the opportunities and challenges in the valorization of this resource.

The 2nd ICISB will provide a forum to discuss the utilization of the reference sequence for R&D to support the long-term sustainability of the aquaculture industry, wild salmon fisheries and the environment.