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Information on organised meetings, written project reports, scientific publications, posters and oral presentations relevant to the scientific research community are listed on this page:

  • Mini-seminar: Linkages between the aquatic and terrestrial biogeochemical Si cycle:
    Universiteit Antwerpen, Campus Drie Eiken, gebouw Q, promotiezaal, Antwerp. October 13th, 2005. (10:00 AM)
    Prof. Dr. Daniel Conley (Aarhus University, National Environmental Research Institute, Roskilde, DK.

      Daniel Conley is an expert on the biogeochemical cycling of nutrients in aquatic ecosystems. His research is mainly focused on the silica cycle, especially the role of silica in the survival and structure of phytoplankton communities. His expertise in a new scientific research theme, the importance of the terrestrial component in the global biogeochemical cycling of Si, is a guarantee for an interesting presentation for every scientist interested in global nutrient cycles.

    For more information on this presentation, please contact eric.struyf@ua.ac.be
  • Eurytemora workshop (First workshop on Eurytemora and other estuarine zooplankton in relation to Eurytemora.)
    Station Marine de Wimereux, avenue Foch 28, F-62930 Wimereux. September 6-7th, 2004.

    For more information on attending the workshop or for questions regarding the programme,
    please contact Micky Tackx or Jean-Claude Dauvin.

    Programme of the Eurytemora workshop: (download full programme)

    • Day 1:

        Taxonomy and spatio- temporal distribution of Eurytemora sp. (and other estuarine zooplankton in relation to Eurytemora)

        Evening : discussion on the possibility to write a book on Eurytemora, use/extension of the web site, next workshop etc.. ;

    • Day 2:

        Role of Eurytemora sp. (and other estuarine zooplankton in relation to Eurytemora) in ecological system functioning.

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