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The VLIZ annual report: 2017 in a nutshell

Added on 2018-06-13
The 2017 annual report presents the highlights for VLIZ in 2017 and focuses on the services VLIZ offers to the marine scientific community, policymakers, educators and the general public. Performance indicators (KPIs), numbers and lists all together give a transparent overview of the organization and functioning of the institute.

The 2017 annual report of VLIZ can be consulted digitally via the VLIZ website.

The 2017 annual report provides information on, amongst others, the new research mandate and the establishment of a Research division in 2017. The development of the interface between marine research and the ‘blue economy and innovation’, and the increased focus of VLIZ on internationalisation. The expansion of the Marine Robotics Centre supported by the Flemish government. The 10th anniversary of the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS), the LifeWatch fish tracking network, the presentation of scientific awards to meritorious young or experienced marine researchers, the very first EMODnet Open Sea Lab Hackathon to encourage the use of marine open data, various internal initiatives, the major restyling of the information magazine ‘De Grote Rede’,  the public activities organised and the basic services provided by VLIZ.

The 2017 annual report can be consulted digitally (pdf) via the VLIZ website.


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