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Support the WoRMS Editors

WoRMS, the World Register of Marine Species, is the list of all life in the ocean. Currently, more than 200 editors across the world, each with their expertise in a certain taxonomic group, are working on this Register voluntarily. Each year up to 2,000 newly described species are added to the Register.

WoRMS, the World Register of Marine Species aims to capture the names of all species described since the pioneering work of Carl Linnaeus and is continuously updated and improved by a group of taxonomic experts ('the editors').

Completing and correcting WoRMS requires an enormous continuing effort and is entirely dependent on the expertise and time of the editors. On top of that, it is a race against time as species are at risk of disappearing due to changing maritime conditions (such as warming, pollution and acidification), before they are discovered.

Our support: coordination and dissemination of funds to the WoRMS editors.

Your gift is used to support the work of the WoRMS editors: including filling gaps in coverage, participation in international workshops and meetings, expanding the content and enhancing the quality of taxonomic databases, engaging personnel for verification of taxonomic information, and purchase of scientific literature.

(More information about sponsors and an overview of all WoRMS activities can be found on the WoRMS website.)