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Institute of Oceanology (IO-Bas)

Originele naam: Institut po okeanologia
Overkoepelend instituut: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, meer

Thesaurustermen (9) : Diving tools; Kustzonebeheer; Mariene biologie; Mariene constructies; Mariene ecologie; Marine chemistry; Marine physics; Sampling techniques; Vervuiling
First May Street 40, PO Box 152
9000 Varna

Tel.: +359-(0)52-37 04 86
Fax: +359-(0)52-37 04 83
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Type: Wetenschappelijk

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The Institute of Oceanology in Varna (IO-BAS, www.io-bas.bg) was established in 1973 and it is affiliated to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The main research activities are focused on the field of coastal dynamics, marine physics, chemistry, geology, biology, ecology, marine technology and instrumentation. It offers consulting and expert services concerning problems of marine environment, continental shelf, offshore and coastal ecosystems, Environmental Impact
assessment, education and training. IO-BAS runs a Coastal Research Station and hosts the Bulgarian National Oceanographic Data Centre (BGODC).

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  • THESEUS: Innovative coastal technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate, meer

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THESEUS is funded by the European Commission within FP7-THEME 6 - Environment, including climate.
Grant 244104
1 December 2009 - 30 November 2013
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