EU Research Results

  The general objective of work package 1, The Science, is to identify and to summarize the key results from past and ongoing European research on the effects of climate change on the marine environment and their socio-economic consequences.

A research inventory database and report are being made taking into account past and current research funded at the EU and national level also including non-EU funded research at the pan-European level and research in international programmes. European research results on the effects of climate change on marine environments and associated socio-economic consequences will be incorporated in a synthesis report. An overview of critical research gaps, future priorities and science policy recommendations will be provided in science policy briefing sheets. A scientific review paper will be written on the regional and thematic marine climate change issues and priorities.

These tasks will be coordinated by Marine Board-ESF with assistance from a Scientific Expert Panel (SEP). The SEP is composed of 10 experts from project partners who will contribute to all activites within the work package and comprise the drafting team of the main deliverables of the work package. The SEP reflects involvement in a wide range of complementary research activities and its geographic coverage which will allow to address specific aspects associated with the different European regional seas where relevant. During workshops, the SEP will be extended with additional "ad hoc" experts to allow inclusion of expertise based on specific needs and evolutions.