Public perception & awareness


The CLAMER project organizes the First European poll ever about public perception of climate change in the marine environment.

It is important to identify what the European public knows and how they perceive climate change impacts in their seas in order to detect the main gaps in public awareness, and to highlight the issues that are considered important and/or urgent at a regional and Europe-wide level.

The poll surveys a representative sample of European citizens taking in account differences between coastal and inland areas. Over 10.000 persons, from 9 European countries, participated in the CLAMER poll by completing an online questionnaire. Simultaneously an additional survey was made in Ireland, sponsored by the Marine Institute, the Environment Protection Agency and the Heritage Council of Ireland.

The survey is primarily carried out by a professional polling organization, TNS opinion in cooperation with CSIC and CEFAS. TNS opinion is an international coordination centre specialized in opinion research that designed the questionnaire, performed the poll and analyzed the outcomes.

The results from the European poll on public perception and awareness of climate change in the marine environments are presented at the international CLAMER conference in Brussels, 14-15 September 2011.

European countries where the poll took place:











Spain Estonia Germany Italy Norway Ireland Netherlands UK France Czech Republic


 CLAMER publications on public perception & awareness: