Documentary 'Living with a warming ocean'

During February 2011 documentary maker Jean-Yves Collet from Com on Planet traveled to several coastal areas in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom interviewing scientists, professors, farmers, fishermen, students and the man in the street about their knowledge of impacts of climate change on the European marine environments. The storyline is inspired by the results from the European survey on public perception and awareness. As such, the documentary touches upon the gap between what is known by research and what the general public knows about the impacts and the socio-economic consequence. Issues like sea level rise, changes in ocean biodiversity, modifications of ocean currents and ocean acidification are approached.

Edited from about 50 hours of footage, a 57 minutes documentary compiles an overview of the European citizens’ perception, awareness, and adaptation to effects of climate change on the seas, targeting a wide audience.

'Living with a warming ocean' premiered during the CLAMER conference pre-event in Brussels on 14 September 2011.

Broadcasting on international television will be possible.

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