Communication report on the flora of Italy

PESI supported the annual meeting of the Working group for Floristic investigation of the Italian Botanical Society (SBI). This group includes about 300 members. The 2009 annual meeting was organized in Rome the 30th and 31th October at the Department of Plant Biology of the University "La Sapienza".

The report of the meeting is available to download from: http://www.societabotanicaitaliana.it/uploaded/831.pdf

The reference to the volume is:
Peccenini S., Domina G. (eds): Gruppi Critici della Flora d’Italia. Comunicazioni, Roma 30-31 ottobre 2009. - Dipartimento di Scienze Botaniche dell'Università, Palermo. 54 Pp, ISBN 978-88-903 108-2-9


2010 year of biodiversity


Happy Biodiversity Year to you all!

Fill your heart with new hopes, reach out for new opportunities! This is also the first year of the 2010s decade. Since we are facing problems related to climate change, the United Nations also proclaimed the year 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity.

The proclamation of the International Year of Biodiversity aims at raising people’s awareness worldwide on the importance of biodiversity. Saving biodiversity requires an effort from everyone. The UN hopes that through activities and events in many countries, the global community will work together to ensure a sustainable future for us all.

PESI at the NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity workshop in Washington

Yde de Jong was invited to represent PESI at the NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity workshop "Enabling biodiversity research: the roles of information and support networks" on December 1-2 at the Academy of Sciences in Washington. The workshop will provide a baseline assessment of existing resources and an estimate of the levels and kinds of support needed to enable researchers to discern the dimensions of currently unknown biodiversity, as part of the NSF's Dimensions of Biodiversity campaign.


The workshop was organised by the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE).



Yde de Jong has been re-elected as chair of GBIF-ECAT

At the recent GBIF Governmental Board meeting in Copenhagen (6 & 8 October 2009), Yde de Jong was re-elected as chair of GBIF-ECAT for a period of two years.  GBIF's Electronic Catalogue of Names of Known Organisms (ECAT) programme addresses ways and develop tools to use taxonomic names as critical meta-data to allow and enhance accessibility and interoperability within the GBIF network in close collaboration with other major biodiversity informatics initiatives.