Schéma d'Aménagement Intégré du Littoral

This website is no longer maintained or updated since 2005, but kept for archival purposes

Vision for the Southern North Sea Region

A place where we work with nature rather than against it, where natural and cultural diversity is enhanced and celebrated and where residents and visitors alike can enjoy clean beaches and unpolluted waters, outstanding recreational opportunities and vibrant, prosperous coastal communities.

  • Beaches and bathing waters free from human effluent, litter and oil
  • A prosperous inshore fishing industry which does not threaten the viability of fish and shellfish populations
  • A dynamic and sustainable maritime economy based on local resources
  • Degraded coastal and marine habitats restored and new ones created
  • Access for all to a wide range of recreational opportunities
  • 'best of class' facilities for holiday makers and tourists
  • efficient transport networks which give priority to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport

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