Some commonly found artefacts along the Belgian coast and in the Belgian part of the North Sea

Sternum vertebra of forest elephant or woolly mammoth, dredged up from the harbour area of the port of Zeebrugge, before 1992
(Photo H. Denis, Flanders Heritage Agency)

Collection of late medieval pottery fragments, found on the beach of Raversijde in the 70’s of the 20th century
(Photo H. Denis, Flanders Heritage Agency)

Iron cannon ball, found in 2013 on the beach of Wenduine
(Photo W. Hantson)

Jug for mineral water made in Rhineland stoneware, middle 18th century, dive investigation of wrecksite on the Buiten Ratel sand bank
(Photo H. Denis, Flanders Heritage Agency)

Mineraalwaterkruik, detail
Detail of an imprint on the mineral water jug on which TRIER is written
(Photo H. Denis, Flanders Heritage Agency)

IJzeren kanon
Iron cannon found during construction works on the beach of Ostend-East shore
(Photo K. Vandevorst, Flanders Heritage Agency)
Coverage from FOCUS/WTV (27th March 2014), in Dutch

Romeinse amfoor
Roman amphora fished up in 1965 in the zone of the Fairy Bank and Westhinderbank
(Photo H. Vandevorst, Flanders Heritage Agency)

Other objects that one could find: flint tools, parts of airplane wrecks, all sorts of other metal objects, earthenware fragments, fossil bones, wooden parts from ships…