Here you can find several relevant maps concerning the research project and archaeological findings and palaeo-landscapes in the North Sea. During the course of the project these maps are regularly updated and extended. At the moment an interactive web-version of the maps is being developed.

Test sites

Archaeological findings

Based on information from the Flemish Heritage Agency

Ship wrecks

For more information the online database of the Flanders Heritage Agency is consultable at

Coastline throughout time (palaeo-geographical maps)

With the help of geological, archaeological and historical information it is possible to make palaeo-geographical maps that depict the evolution of the coastline and the coastal area throughout history. Such maps are however always a work in progress. New findings and geological observations, and sometimes also new insights in geological processes or new detailed studies, all contribute to large and small adjustments to the map. This means that the maps have to be revised regularly. The palaeo-geographical maps portrayed here are the result of a first, provisional integration of existing (map) information from different areas and time periods. The maps illustrate the development of the Belgian part of the North Sea and adjoining coastal area since the Holocene sealevel rise approximately 12 000 years ago.