Climate of Coastal Cooperation

Chairing and facilitatingRobbert Misdorp/ Maria Ferreira (EUCC)/Tjark van Heuvel/Mindert de Vries
RationalePreparing innovative/resilient/no-regret adaptive options should involve young professionals at an early stage through familiarising ICZM concept and tools.
Aims of this half-day workshopTo present an integrated coastal zone management frame for the three cases;
To present three sets of adaptation by students, using holistic frames and integrated GIS based spatial planning tools, as demonstrated in “Climate of Coastal Cooperation” – CCC Book and Internet Publication;
To familiarise participants and College students by doing.
Description of ActivitiesIntroduction of ICZM approaches and CCC results, concepts, training manuals and tools;
The three cases of Adaptation to a 1m SLR during the 21st century for Belgium coast, for the Holland coast and for the Wadden Sea coast by College students from HKBO - Oostende, University of Applied Sciences Zeeland - Vlissingen and the Van Hall-Larenstein University of Applied Sciences – Leeuwarden;
Discussions & Wrap-up.
AudienceCoastal practitioners, policy makers, consultants, academics, and researchers interested in coastal adaptation.

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