Tuesday, 27 November 2012 - Ridderzaal

Session 1: Coastal management – Chaired by Brian Shipman

Keynote lecture: ICZM2 – a new ICZM for an era of uncertainty
Brian Shipman – UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan [ presentation ]

EU policy on Coastal Management
Jeroen Casaer – European Commission, DG Environment[ presentation ]

Building local capacity to develop adaptation strategies to climate change - the IMCORE project
Cathal O’Mahony – University College Cork [ presentation ]

Coastal communities adapting to climate change: an evaluation of capacity building and engagement in the Solent, UK
Anthony Gallagher – Southampton Solent University [ presentation ]

Maritime clusters: a governance success? Evidence from the CAMIS project
Emma McKinley – University of Chichester [ presentation ]

The role of stakeholders in marine policy and management: lessons from the PISCES project
Lyndsey Dodds - WWF [ presentation ]

Session 1a: Measuring sustainability – Chaired by Mike Mannaart

Keynote lecture: ICZM protocol for the Mediterranean – a legal frame for managing coastal systems
Marko Prem – UNEP [ presentation ]

Measuring sustainability in theory and practice: sectoral interactions in the coastal zone
Laura Booth – University of Dundee [ presentation ]

COINS – an operational indicator system for integrated coastal zone management
Henning Sten Hansen – Aalborg University Copenhagen [ presentation ]

Session 2a: Measuring sustainability (part 2) – Chaired by Maria Ferreira

Transnational mapping of coastal and maritime uses and functions: towards a maritime spatial typology
Holger Janssen – Leibnitz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemuende [ presentation ]

Local ecological fisheries knowledge in support of sustainable decision-making through Marine Spatial Planning
Frank Maes – Ghent University [ presentation ]

Improving support of coastal information systems to ICZM
Emiliano Ramieri – Thetis S.p.A. [ presentation ]

Pitch presentations

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 – Ridderzaal

Session 3: Nature conservation – Chaired by Peter Burbridge

Keynote lecture: Nature conservation in coastal areas, a delicate balance
Micheal O'Briain – DG ENV [ presentation ]

The conservation of Belgian marine Natura 2000 sites: the first steps into a Brave New World?
An Cliquet – Ghent University [ presentation ]

Marine biological valuation maps as a tool for valuation of the Belgian coastline
Sarah Vanden Eede – Ghent University [ presentation ]

Water quality improvement by mussel cultivation – case study Szczecin Lagoon, Baltic sea
Nardine Stybel – EUCC [ presentation ]

Beach nourishment and the impact on Natura 2000
Michiel Smits – IMDC [ presentation ]

Preventing erosion of tidal flats: a large scale experiment
Bert van den Berg – Witteveen+Bos [ presentation ]

ARTWEI – action for the reinforcement of the transnational waters' environmental integrity – a south Baltic cross-border cooperation project
Ramunas Povilanskas – EUCC [ presentation ]

Coastal and marine environments in Bahrain: anthropogenic impacts and conservation measures
Humood Naser – University of Bahrain [ presentation ]

Sources and pathways for marine litter: bottom up approach starting from local case-studies for four European regional seas
Annemie Volckaert – Arcadis [ presentation ]

Session 4: Innovative Infrastructure - Chaired by Jean Berlamont

Innovative technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate
Simon Claus – VLIZ [ presentation ]

Sustainability of lowland shorelines and barrier islands under anthropogenic modifications
Nabil Ismail - Maritime Academy for Science and Technology [ presentation ]

Large-scale sand nourishment strategy of the Dutch coast; a systems approach
John de Ronde – Deltares [ presentation ]

Protective effect of coastal levees against the mega-tsunami caused by the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku earthquake
Masahiro Ito – Mejo University [ presentation ]

Managing the sea, a vision of the future. The 'future commons 2070' map
Charlotte Geldof / Nel Janssens– [ presentation ]

Climate responsive spatial research by design – a case study analysis on the coastal area of Flanders
Jeroen de Waegemaeker / David Verhoestraete – Ghent University [ presentation ]

Integrative coastal zone sustainability
Jan Schreurs – University of Leuven [ presentation ]

Buildings and infrastructure on coastal dunes
Marien Boers – Deltares [ presentation ]

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 – Permeke Room

Workshop 1: Coastal Governance – organized by TU Delft

How scientists learnt about their role in governance: the case of the Great Brak
Susan Taljaard – CSIR [ presentation ]

Linking systems and actors to understand policy games in the management of delta infrastructures
Jill Slinger – TU Delft [ presentation ]

A framework for comparative assessment of vulnerability and resilience applied to ten deltas
Tom Bucx – Deltares [ presentation ]

Integrating science and sediment management in a bilateral setting in the Scheldt Estuary
Marcel Taal – Deltares [ presentation ]

The need for databases and viewers to support decision making and learning
Gemma Ramaekers – Rijkswaterstaat [ presentation ]

Session 2b: Measuring sustainability: the SUSTAIN project – Chaired by Patrycja Czerniak

Measuring sustainability
Maria Ferreira – EUCC [ presentation ]

Measuring sustainability – a German case study
Gerald Schernewski – Leibnitz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research [ presentation ]

DeCyDe: a participatory method for ‘measuring’ sustainability through a friendly, flexible and adjustable (self-assessment) tool
Xenia Loizidou – ISOTECH Ltd Research and Consultancy [ presentation ]

Sustainable coastal development, Dutch experiences and vision
Hans Heupink – Province of Zuid-Holland [ presentation ]

Workshop 2: Climate of Coastal Cooperation – organized by EUCC - Chaired by Mindert de Vries

Lessons learned from the CCC production and involvement of a Young Professional Coastal Community
Tjark van den Heuvel, Robbert Misdorp – CCC authors [ presentation ]

Introduction and presentation by students of the Belgium coast project
Björn Van de Walle – Catholic University College Bruges-Ostend [ presentation ]

Introduction and presentation by students of the Vlissingen coast project
Mindert de Vries – Delta Academy, University of Applied Sciences, Vlissingen [ presentation ]

Introduction and presentation by students of the Wadden Sea/Ameland project
Master/professor – Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein, Leeuwarden [ presentation ]

Thursday 29 November 2012


Keynote lecture: Future developments in coastal design: an industry perspective
Marc Stordiau – Chairman of EUDA (European Dredging Association) [ presentation ]

Keynote lecture: Culture and coastal transitions
Jacqueline Heerema - Satellietgroep Art Collective [ presentation ]


Excursion to Zeebrugge [ presentations ]

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