Keynote speakers

Dr. Brian Shipman

Brian Shipman is a consultant at Priority Actions Programme/Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC) for UNEP. He is considered to be an expert in the field of ICZM and was active in projects such as Mediterranean Awareness-raising Strategy (MARS).

Dr. Marko Prem

Marko Prem is Deputy Director at PAP/RAC of UNEP-Mediterranean Action Plan since 2000. He is an expert in the field of ICZM and has worked on various projects in the Coastal Area Management Programme (CAMP).

Mr. Marc Stordiau

Marc Stordiau, currently CEO of Rent-A-Port, is one of the leading representatives of the coastal and maritime construction industry in Europe. As the former CEO of the Belgian-based dredging and marine engineering company DEME, he realized coastal developments all over the world. During his talk, Mr. Stordiau will address our coasts of tomorrow from an industry point of view.

Prof. dr. Bela Buck

Bela Buck is head of the Working Group “Marine Aquaculture, Maritime Technologies and ICZM” at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven, where he is involved in research addressing environmentally friendly and sustainable aquaculture, strategies and technologies. He holds a professorship for Applied Marine Biology at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven.

Micheal O’Briain (t.b.c.)

Micheal O’Briain is Deputy Head at the Directory ‘Nature, Biodiversity and Land Use’ of the DG Environment of the European Commission. He is involved in integrated governance of the maritime/estuary space and the EU marine strategy framework directive as environmental pillar of the integrated EU Maritime Policy.

Prof. dr. Robin McInnes

Robin McInnes is an authority on coastal processes. He has worked for various Isle of Wight authorities before starting his own consultancy ‘Coastal and Geotechnical Services’. He has been actively involved in coastal and geotechnical work at the international level for many years, providing advice to the United Nations and the European Commission on coastal management and ground instability issues. He is also a true art lover, and has written several books on coastal art work.

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