Congress workshops

Coastal Governance

Coastal regions provide multiple and important benefits to society. Often, these benefits are sustained over time through the active and passive management of coasts and coastal infrastructures. These may be ‘hard’ infrastructure such as concrete dikes that should provide protection against floods. However, it may also refer to ‘soft’ or ‘natural’ infrastructure such as dune areas or mangrove areas, which combine flood protection with contributions to biodiversity or recreation. Whatever their character, these infrastructures are shaped by the (in)action of human society over time. more


Assessing sustainability and strengthening operational policy - is a 3-year project aiming to develop a universal tool to help deliver sustainability on Europe’s coasts. Developed with the involvement of 12 EU countries, this new tool will be based on easily measurable indicators and will be applicable to all 22 coastal states of the European Union. During this session, the results of the first two years of the project will be presented and discussed. more

Climate of Coastal Cooperation

Preparing innovative/resilient/no-regret adaptive options should involve young professionals at an early stage through familiarising ICZM concept and tools. more

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