Congress themes


Designing and building infrastructure works in coastal areas, such as harbor developments, coastal protection works or energy harvesting installations, poses technical and governing challenges that are unseen of on land. Therefore, in order to realize such projects, all attention is devoted to solving the project-specific challenges. As a result, the vast majority of coastal infrastructure works serve one single goal: harbor developments increase harbor capacity, coastal protection works safeguard the hinterland from storms and offshore wind farms generate green energy. more

Nature conservation

Some coastal habitats are amongst the most highly valued on the planet, and have therefore seen a long history of nature conservation. For other coastal habitats, we only recently have started to acknowledge their ecological importance and thus the need to impose protection measures. more


Sustainability is by no means a new concept in coastal zone management, and has received a great deal of attention in the past decade: hundreds of initiatives on sustainability in coast, often within the framework of an integrated approach (ICZM), have been launched and implemented. more

Coastal management

Coastal habitats such as tidal marshes, swamps and mangroves, yet also the shallow coastal zone of the Southern North Sea, are known or thought to have a very high value in terms of productivity, nutrient recycling and reproduction grounds. Not only the entire coastal ecosystem, from primary production to top predators, is depending on these attributes, it often concerns species with a high economic value. more

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