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ASSEMBLE Plus provides access for industry

ASSEMBLE Plus enables industry to access and perform research over 30 marine biological research institutions across Europe and overseas. All data and intellectual property can be retained by the visiting researcher.

What is the offer?

ASSEMBLE Plus sponsors teams of up to two researchers for:

  • Access to the ASSEMBLE Plus infrastructures*
  • 30 days’ travel and subsistence
  • Shipping costs of project material from the Access Provider

*including facilities, marine biological resources and ecosystems, state-of-the-art experimental facilities,
technological platforms laboratories and standard lab consumables, chemicals and disposables

Check here the marine institutions and their infrastructures available for access!

Access opportunities


How do I apply?

The deadline for industry applications is rolling. To apply for funding, please submit your proposal using the online system or by clicking on the button below. The steps for submitting an application are explained in more detail in this guide which we recommend you read.


In case of questions, please contact the access office of ASSEMBLE Plus at

Experimental facilities

SCUBA diving


Research vessels

Fixed-point observatories


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