Marine Climate Change Side Events - closed


CLAMER calls upon as many European aquaria and marine institutes as possible to organize ‘marine climate change’ side events in the summer of 2011 in order to inform European citizens about the impacts of climate change on the marine environments.

Marine institutes and aquaria are able to increase the awareness about the effects of Climate Change on the European marine environments. Marine institutes inform citizens on how research on the impacts of climate change in the marine environments is performed. While aquaria reach the public at large and play accordingly a major role in informing visitors.

CLAMER supports the ‘marine climate change’ side events with a communication package based on major scientific results on marine/coastal climate change impacts and perception & awareness in Europe. A display draws the attention of the visitors and calls to participate in the video message contest. A trailer of the CLAMER documentary, informative fact sheets and the questionnaire on public perception and awareness are at the disposal of the aquaria and the marine institutes.

Already over 30 aquaria (ο) and marine institutes (), all over Europe, host a ‘marine climate change’ side event!

  • Flanders Marine Institute
    organises evening talks on the 8th of June, World Ocean Day, with ‘Changing Seas’ as central theme. The lecture ‘The Sea and Climate Change’ will highlight the effects of climate change on European marine environments, focussing on the North Sea. Read more....
    • AWI Aquarium Helgoland
      is hosting a public open day on Saturday May 28. Get insight in the underwater world of the North Sea and learn more about climate change impacts in the marine environment. Make your voice heard on climate change by recording a video message with the camera present at the aquarium!
    • Marche Polytechnic University

    • The National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics - OGS
      The Department Biological Oceanography organizes lectures on climate change in the framework of "La notte dei ricercatori" (The night of researchers) at 23 September in Trieste.

    • University of Salento
      combines forces and organizes a summer event with focus on CLAMER and VECTORS, starting with  a symposium on July 7 in the framework of the Annual Meeting of the Italian Association for Oceanology and Limnology (4-8th July). Several research activities will get special attention, among them the overall research on jellyfish, on MPAs and on the impacts invasive species.

    • Kenna Eco Diving
      will organize during the European Fish Week on Saturday 11th June in the evening a Havaneras.  An evening with fishermen’s songs, brought back from the Caribbean colonies by Catalan immigrants in the 19th Century, and with people of different age groups speaking about how fishing has changed over the past decades and what they want to do to sustain the seas’ future.
    • Universeum
      will focus on the marine climate change side-events during the Western Sea-week form June 29  till July 10!
    •  Linnaeus University
      will organise during July and August three lectures for students of different ages to inform them about the impacts of climate change on the ocean. More information here...


    Explore the map of Europe and see where and when you can take part in a ‘marine climate change’ side event!