Advisory committees

The project has two advisory committees:

  1. Advisory committee on Methodology and Technology
  2. Advisory committee on Management and legislation

The advisory committees meet on a regular basis (ideally 2x per year). The members of the advisory committees will be asked to deliver feedback on the progress of the project and if desired, to suggest adjustments. Open communication and interaction during the course of the project are crucial and will occur via the project website and targeted workshops. The input from the advisory committees should guarantee that the project runs optimally and that the project results will optimally meet their expectations.

The following institutions and companies are currently part of the above mentioned advisory committees:

It is still possible to apply to one or both advisory committees. The better the various stakeholders are represented, the higher the chance that the obtained results will be useful and will answer the expectations of those involved.

If your institution or company is interested in participating in one of the advisory committees, please contact Tine Missiaen.