Onderzoek in Europa

SASMAP  European research project (7th framework, 2012-2015) aimed at the development of tools for locating, assessing, monitoring and safeguarding underwater cultural heritage.

SPLASHCOS  Large scale European (COST) research network (2009-2013) focusing on underwater archaeology and buried palaeo-landscapes.

ARCH-MANCHE  European (Interreg) research project (2011-2014) devoted to the role of archaeology, art and marine heritage in coastal management and climate change planning.

ARROWS  European research project (7th framework, 2012-2015) aimed at the development of low cost autonomous underwater vehicle technologies for archaeological operations.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL ATLAS OF THE 2 SEAS (ATLAS2SEAS)  European (Interreg) research project (2009-2012) focusing on the detection, registration and inventory of maritime heritage in the Channel and the southern North Sea.

MANAGING CULTURAL HERITAGE UNDERWATER (MACHU)  European (Interreg) research project (2006-2009) with main focus on the management and the inventory of maritime heritage in the Channel and the southern North Sea.

DOGGERLAND  Unique British research concerning the “lost Doggerland”, a vast land bridge between England and the main land which slowly drowned  due to the rise in sea level after the last ice age.

SEABED PREHISTORY PROJECT  British research focusing on the archaeological potential of buried palaeo-landscapes, with support from the aggregate industry.

BOULDNOR CLIFF  Important sunken Mesolithic site off the south coast of England where numerous artefacts (up to 8000 years old) have been retrieved.

YANGTZE HARBOUR Unique archaeological research in the new port of Rotterdam (Maasvlakte 2) where traces of prehistoric settlements (9000 years old) have been found. Flyer

Rising Tides, Orkney  Research concerning the impact of the rising sea level on the prehistoric settlements of the Orkney Islands.

PAVLOPETRI  The world’s oldest sunken city off the south coast of Greece, the first one to have been digitally imaged (3D).

Palaeo-landscapes of the Thames Estuary  Research on the buried palaeo-landscapes of the Thames Estuary and their potential role in prehistoric settlement.

De Kogge  Unique study and conservation of a medieval ‘kogge’ (type of cargo ship) that was found in 2002 during excavation works for the port of Antwerp.


Musea m.b.t marien en maritiem erfgoed

The Vasa Museum in Stockholm (Sweden)

The Mary Rose Museum (United Kingdom)

Vikingschipmuseum Roskilde (Denmark)

The Baiheliang under water museum (China)

Museo Nacional de Arquelogía subacuática (Spain)

Havenmuseum Rudkøbing (Denmark)

National MUeum of Denmark (Denmark)

Underwater Archaeology Centre, Isle of Wight (United Kingdom)

Museu Marítim de Barcelona (Spain)

Museum Neustadt in Holstein (Germany)

Le Musée national de la Marine (France)

Moesgaard Museum (Denmark)