Desk studies

Consultation of stakeholders (in Dutch) (WP2.2.1)

Overview acoustic techniques (WP1.1.2)

Overview non-conventional techniques (WP1.1.3)

Overview Lidar techniques (WP1.1.4)

Comparison geophysical techniques (WP1.1.5)

Analyse offshore testsites (in Dutch) (WP1.2.1_A)

Analyse intertidale testsites (in Dutch) (WP1.2.1_B)

Geophysical surveys at sea

Survey october 2013 Oostende valley (WP1.2.3_A)

Survey january 2014 Oostende oosteroever (WP1.2.3_D)

Survey april 2014 Thornton valley (WP1.2.3_C)

Survey may 2014 Oostende + IJzer valley (WP1.2.3_B)

Survey march 2015 Zeebrugge valley (WP1.2.3_E)

Survey april 2015 Thornton + Oostende valley (WP1.2.3_F)

Survey may 2015 Raversijde 3D (WP1.3.1)

Survey mei 2016 northern BCP (WP1.2.3_G)

Survey oktober 2016 western BCP (WP1.2.3_H)

Synthese sub-seafloor imaging (WP1.3.4)

Geophysical surveys - intertidale zone

Beach topography July-Aug 2013 Raversijde (WP1.3.2_1), in Dutch

Nonconventional techniques Raversijde (WP1.3.3), in Dutch

Beach topography May 2016 Raversijde (WP1.3.2_2), in Dutch

Lidar intensity analysis (WP1.3.6_A)

Archaeological finds

Gilson dredge survey Hinder banks (WP1.1.1_Annex), in Dutch

Palaeontological finds BCP (WP1.5.1A), in Dutch

Beach prospection Oostende oosteroever (WP1.2.1B Annex), in Dutch


International legislation (WP2.1.1)

National legislation (WP2.1.2)

National legislation - updated 2016 (WP2.1.2 update)

National legislation - additions (WP2.1.2 addition), in Dutch

Integration with terrestrial archeology (WP2.1.3)

Draft Management approach for known and unknown sites (WP2.2.3, WP2.2.4), in Dutch

Follow-up stages on management and legislation (WP2.4.2), in Dutch

Follow-up stages public activities (WP3.4), in Dutch

Protocols for findings  (draft version)

Protocol for fisheries (WP3.1.3C), in Dutch

Protocol for aggregate sector (WP3.1.3A), in Dutch

Protocol for aggregate wharfs on land  (WP3.1.3D), in Dutch

Protocol for beach and intertidal zone (WP3.1.3B), in Dutch

Proposal for legislation on management (WP2.3.1), in Dutch

Protocols for findings  (final version)


State of archaeological knowledge and research of the site Raversijde beach & annexes, in Dutch

De "Infobrochure voor wrakduikers" en "formulieren voor het monitoren van scheepswrakken, in Dutch