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Leuven Food Science and Nutrition Research Centre (KULeuven-LFoRCe)

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Parent institute: KU Leuven; Group Science, Engineering and Technology; Department of Microbial and Molecular Systems (KULeuven-M²S), more
Kasteelpark Arenberg 20 box 2463
3001 Leuven

LFoRCe was established as a multidisciplinary Centre in the area of feed, food and health that bridges the gap between the Science, Engineering and Technology Group, the Biomedical Sciences Group and the Humanities and Social Sciences Group at the K.U.Leuven Association level.

The marine aspect of the research, focuses on the preservation of seafood such as shrimps. Furthermore, there is collaboration with the laboratory Aquatic Biology and the laboratory Food and Lipids on microalgae (flocculation, extraction of antioxidants, determintation of fatty acids, etc.).

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  • Peer reviewed article Alam, M.A.; Vandamme, D.; Chun, W.; Zhao, X.; Foubert, I.; Wang, Z.; Muylaert, K.; Yuan, Z. (2016). Bioflocculation as an innovative harvesting strategy for microalgae. Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology 15(4): 573-583., more
  • Peer reviewed article Calliauw, F.; Horemans, B.; Broekaert, K.; Michiels, C.; Heyndrickx, M. (2016). Spoilage potential of Vagococcus salmoninarum in preservative-free, MAP-stored brown shrimp and differentiation from Brochothrix thermosphacta on streptomycin thallous acetate actidione agar. J. Appl. Microbiol. 120(5): 1302-1312., more
  • Peer reviewed article Calliauw, F.; De Mulder, T.; Broekaert, K.; Vlaemynck, G.; Michiels, C.; Heyndrickx, M. (2016). Assessment throughout a whole fishing year of the dominant microbiota of peeled brown shrimp (Crangon crangon) stored for 7 days under modified atmosphere packaging at 4°C without preservatives. Food Microbiol. 54: 60-71., more
  • Peer reviewed article Lama, S.; Muylaert, K.; Karki, T.B.; Foubert, I.; Henderson, R.K.; Vandamme, D. (2016). Flocculation properties of several microalgae and a cyanobacterium species during ferric chloride, chitosan and alkaline flocculation. Bioresour. Technol. 220: 464-470., more
  • Peer reviewed article Verhaeghe, T.; Vlaemynck, G.; De Block, J.; Van Weyenberg, S.; Hendrickx, M. (2016). Thermal inactivation kinetics of proteases and polyphenoloxidase in brown shrimp (Crangon crangon). Food Chemistry 197(part A): 641-647., more
  • Peer reviewed article Balduyck, L.; Veryser, C.; Goiris, K.; Bruneel, C.; Muylaert, K.; Foubert, I. (2015). Optimization of a Nile Red method for rapid lipid determination in autotrophic, marine microalgae is species dependent. J. microbiol. methods 118: 152-158., more
  • Peer reviewed article Vandamme, D.; Pohl, P.; Beuckels, A.; Foubert, I.; Brady, P.; Hewson, J.; Muylaert, K. (2015). Alkaline flocculation of Phaeodactylum tricornutum induced by brucite and calcite. Bioresour. Technol. 196: 656-661., more
  • Peer reviewed article Ryckebosch, E.; Cuéllar Bermúdez, S.P.; Termote-Verhalle, R.; Bruneel, C.; Muylaert, K.; Parra-Saldivar, R.; Foubert, I. (2014). Influence of extraction solvent system on the extractability of lipid components from the biomass of Nannochloropsis gaditana. J. Appl. Phycol. 26(3): 1501-1510., more
  • Peer reviewed article Ryckebosch, E.; Bruneel, C.; Termote-Verhalle, R.; Muylaert, K.; Foubert, I. (2014). Influence of extraction solvent system on extractability of lipid components from different microalgae species. Algal Research 3: 36-43., more
  • Peer reviewed article Bruneel, C.; Lemahieu, C.; Fraeye, I.; Ryckebosch, E.; Muylaert, K.; Buyse, J.; Foubert, I. (2013). Impact of microalgal feed supplementation on omega-3 fatty acid enrichment of hen eggs. J. Funct. Foods 5(2): 897-904., more
  • Peer reviewed article Ryckebosch, E.; Bruneel, C.; Termote-Verhalle, R.; Lemahieu, C.; Muylaert, K.; Van Durme, J.; Goiris, K.; Foubert, I. (2013). Stability of omega-3 LC-PUFA-rich photoautotrophic microalgal oils compared to commercially available omega-3 LC-PUFA oils. J. Agric. Food Chem. 61(42): 10145-10155., more
  • Peer reviewed article Goiris, K.; Muylaert, K.; Fraeye, I.; Foubert, I.; De Brabanter, J.; De Cooman, L. (2012). Antioxidant potential of microalgae in relation to their phenolic and carotenoid content. J. Appl. Phycol. 24(6): 1477-1486., more
  • Peer reviewed article Goiris, K.; De Vreese, P.; De Cooman, L.; Muylaert, K. (2012). Rapid screening and guided extraction of antioxidants from microalgae using voltammetric methods. J. Agric. Food Chem. 60(30): 7359-7366., more
  • Peer reviewed article Cuyvers, S.; Dornez, E.; Delcour, J.A.; Courtin, C.M. (2011). The secondary substrate binding site of the Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis GH8 xylanase is relevant for activity on insoluble but not soluble substrates. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 92(3): 539-549., more
  • Peer reviewed article Vervoort, L.; Van der Plancken, I.; Grauwet, T.; Verjans, P.; Courtin, C.M.; Hendrickx, M.E.; Van Loey, A. (2011). Xylanase B from the hyperthermophile Thermotoga maritima as an indicator for temperature gradients in high pressure high temperature processing. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 12(2): 187-196., more

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