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Vestiging Oostende

Parent institute: eCOAST, more

Esplanadestraat 1
8400 Oostende

Tel.: +32-(0)59-27 04 00

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  • Peer reviewed article Van der Biest, K.; Meire, P.; Schellekens, T.; D'hondt, B.; Bonte, D.; Vanagt, T.; Ysebaert, T. (2020). Aligning biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services in spatial planning: Focus on ecosystem processes. Sci. Total Environ. 712: 136350., more
  • Peer reviewed article Craeymeersch, J.A.; Faasse, M.A.; Gheerardyn, H.; Troost, K.; Nijland, R.; Engelberts, A.; Perdon, K.J.; van den Ende, D.; van Zwol, J. (2019). First records of the dwarf surf clam Mulinia lateralis (Say, 1822) in Europe. Marine Biodiversity Records 12: 5., more
  • Peer reviewed article Broggiato, A.; Vanagt, T.; Lallier, L.E.; Jaspars, M.; Burton, G.; Muyldermans, D. (2018). Mare Geneticum: balancing governance of marine genetic resources in international waters. Int. J. Mar. Coast. Law 33: 3-33., more
  • Peer reviewed article Calewaert, J.-B.; McMeel, O.; Martín-Míguez, B. (2018). Knowledge transfer: the key to creating societal and economic benefits from marine observations, in: Giorgetti, A. et al. (Ed.) IMDIS 2018: International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems 5-7 November, 2018 - Barcelona, Spain: Book of Abstracts. Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata: an International Journal of Earth Sciences, 59: pp. 337-338, more
  • Peer reviewed article Durden, J.M.; Lallier, L.E.; Murphy, K.; Jaeckel, A.; Gjerde, K.; Jones, D.O.B. (2018). Environmental impact assessment process for deep-sea mining in 'the Area'. Mar. Policy 87: 194-202., more
  • Peer reviewed article Lallier, L.E. (2018). The international seabed authority and the precautionary principle. Int. J. Mar. Coast. Law 33(3): 632-635., more
  • Peer reviewed article Lallier, L.E.; Maes, F. (2016). Environmental impact assessment procedure for deep seabed mining in the area: independent expert review and public participation. Mar. Policy 70: 212-219., more
  • Peer reviewed article Faasse, M. (2015). Een halve eeuw achteruitgang van het Wit muizenoortje Auriculinella bidentata (Montagu, 1808) in Nederland. Spirula (Nederlandse ed.) 403: 11-12, more
  • Peer reviewed article Faasse, M. (2014). Herstel van de populatie Purperslakken Nucella lapillus (Linnaeus, 1758) in de Westerscheldemonding = Come-back of the Dog whelk Nucella lapillus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the mouth of the river Westerschelde. Spirula (Nederlandse ed.) 400: 167, more
  • Peer reviewed article Holguin-Gonzalez, J.E.; Boets, P.; Everaert, G.; Pauwels, I.S.; Lock, K.; Gobeyn, S.; Benedetti, L.; Amerlinck, Y.; Nopens, I.; Goethals, P.L.M. (2014). Development and assessment of an integrated ecological modelling framework to assess the effect of investments in wastewater treatment on water quality. Wat. Sci. Tech. 70(11): 1798-1807., more
  • Peer reviewed article Lallier, L.E.; McMeel, O.; Greiber, T.; Vanagt, T.; Dobson, A.D.W.; Jaspars, M. (2014). Access to and use of marine genetic resources: understanding the legal framework. Nat. Prod. Rep. 31(5): 612-616., more
  • Peer reviewed article Cook, E.J.; Stehlikova, J.; Beveridge, C.M.; Burrows, M.T.; De Blauwe, H.; Faasse, M. (2013). Distribution of the invasive bryozoan Tricellaria inopinata in Scotland and a review of its European expansion. Aquat. Invasions 8(3): 281-288., more
  • Peer reviewed article Lützen, J.; Faasse, M.; Gittenberger, A.; Glenner, H.; Hoffmann, E. (2012). The Japanese oyster drill Ocinebrellus inornatus (Récluz, 1851) (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Muricidae), introduced to the Limfjord, Denmark. Aquat. Invasions 7(2): 181-191., more
  • Peer reviewed article Wittmann, K.J.; Vanagt, T.; Faasse, M.A.; Mees, J. (2012). A new transoceanic invasion? First records of Neomysis americana (Crustacea: Mysidae) in the East Atlantic. The Open Marine Biology Journal 6: 5 pp., more
  • Sterckx, T.; Lemey, E.; Huygens, M.; Fordeyn, J.; Groenendaal, B.; Delbare, D.; Vanagt, T.; Pycke, B.; Semeraro, A.; Mascart, T. (2019). COASTBUSTERS: investigation of ecosystem based coastal stabilisation solutions, in: 22nd World Dredging Congress (WODCON XXII). pp. 1-10, more
  • Vanagt, T.; Broggiato, A.; Lallier, L.E.; Jaspars, M.; Burton, G.; Muyldermans, D. (2019). Mare Geneticum: towards an implementing agreement for marine genetic resources in international waters, in: Freestone, D. (Ed.) Conserving biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction. pp. 267-297., more
  • Wyns, L.; Semeraro, A.; Delbare, D.; Groenendaal, B.; Pycke, B.F.G.; Sterckx, T.; Mascart, T.; Huygens, M.; Lemey, E.; Fordeyn, J.; Vanagt, T.; Van Hoey, G. (2019). In vitro experiment on spawning induction of L. conchilega and substrate preference during settlement of the larva, in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) Book of abstracts – VLIZ Marine Science Day. Bredene, Belgium, 13 March 2019. VLIZ Special Publication, 83: pp. 160-161, more
  • (2018). Ecologische validatie plaatrandstortingen - Synthese rapport. eCOAST Rapport = eCOAST Report. eCOAST: België. 19 pp., more
  • Broggiato, A.; Lallier, L.E.; Sirakaya, A.; Vanagt, T. (2018). Utilisation of marine genetic resources (GRs): The access and benefit-sharing legal framework, in: Rampelotto, P.H. et al. Grand challenges in marine biotechnology. Grand Challenges in Biology and Biotechnology, : pp. 579-599., more
  • Faasse, M.A.; Verboom, L.; Van der Loos, L. (2018). De Pacifische vlokreeft Aoroides semicurvatus in Nederland. Macrofaunanieuwsmail 140: 21-23, more
  • Rozemeijer, M.J.C.; van den Burg, S.W.K.; Jak, R.; Lallier, L.E.; van Craenenbroeck, K. (2018). Seabed mining, in: Johnson, K. et al. Building industries at sea: 'blue growth' and the new maritime economy. pp. 73-135, more
  • Schellekens, T.; Vanagt, T. (2018). Ecologische validatie plaatrandstortingen - Technisch rapport. eCOAST Rapport = eCOAST Report, 2016-2015028. eCOAST: België. 97 pp., more
  • Van der Biest, K.; Vanagt, T.; D'Hondt, B.; Schellekens, T.; Bonte, D.; Ysebaert, T.; Meire, P. (2017). Ecosysteemvisie voor de Vlaamse kust: deel II. Visie en beoordelingsmethodiek. eCOAST Rapport = eCOAST Report, 2014016-4. eCOAST: Oostende. 81 pp., more
  • (2016). Valorevis: Valoresatiepistes voor reststromen uit de visserij en visverwerkende industrie. ILVO/eCOAST/VIVES/KULAK/UGent: [s.l.]. 74 pp., more
  • Lallier, L.E.; Broggiato, A.; Muyldermans, D.; Vanagt, T. (2016). Marine genetic resources and the access and benefit-sharing legal framework, in: Stal, L.J. et al. (Ed.) The marine microbiome. An untapped source of biodiversity and biotechnological potential. pp. 453-472., more
  • Pycke, B.F.G.; Faasse, M. (2015). Biochemical composition and quality assessment of native macroalgae collected along the Flemish coast: Public Output report of the EnAlgae project, Oostende, December 2015. EnAlgae/INTERREG IVB NWE: [s.l.]. 30 pp., more
  • Lock, K.; Faasse, M.; Vanagt, T. (2014). An assessment of the soft sediment fauna six years after construction of the Princess Amalia Wind Farm. eCOAST Rapport = eCOAST Report, 2013002. eCOAST: Ostend. 63 + annexes pp., more
  • Vanagt, T.; Faasse, M. (2014). Development of hard substratum fauna in the Princess Amalia Wind Farm. Monitoring six years after construction. eCOAST Rapport = eCOAST Report, 2013009. eCOAST: Ostend. 63 + annexes pp., more
  • Adriaens, P.; Vanagt, T.; Couderé, K. (2013). Strategische Milieubeoordeling van het Belgisch Operationeel Programma voor de Belgische visserijsector, 2014-2020. Technum: Antwerpen. 207 pp., more
  • Stoffelen, E.; Henderickx, H.; Vercauteren, T.; Lock, K.; Bosmans, R. (2013). De water- en oppervlaktewantsen van België (Hemiptera, Heteroptera: Nepomorpha & Gerromorpha). Determinatiesleutels, beschrijvingen en foto's van de volwassen water- en oppervlaktewantsen. Fauna van België = Faune de Belgique. Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen: Brussel. ISBN 978-90-7324-227-2. 254 pp., more
  • Vanagt, T.; Van de Moortel, L.; Heusinkveld, J.; Faasse, M.; Pérez-Domínguez, R.; Lock, K. (2013). Assessment of the soft sediment fauna five years after construction of the Princess Amalia wind farm. eCOAST Rapport = eCOAST Report, 2012011-2. eCOAST: Ostend. 53 + annexes pp., more
  • Belpaeme, K.; McMeel, O.; Vanagt, T.; Mees, J. (Ed.) (2012). Book of Abstracts. International Conference Littoral 2012: Coasts of Tomorrow. Kursaal, Oostende, 27-29 November 2012. VLIZ Special Publication, 61. Coordination Centre for Integrated Coastal Zone Management: Oostende. 210 pp., more
  • Vanagt, T.; Vanaudenaerde, P.; Van de Moortel, L. (2012). Waste Free Oceans Belgium - a pilot study. eCOAST Rapport = eCOAST Report, 2011038. eCOAST Research Centre: Oostende. 29 pp., more
  • Vanagt, T.J.; Van de Moortel, L.; Heusinkveld, J.; Vanden Eede, S.; Van Steenbrugge, L.; Van Hoey, G.; Vincx, M. (2011). Veldcampagne ecologie Ameland 2010. eCOAST Rapport = eCOAST Report, 2010014-4. eCOAST: Oostende. 77 + XII annexes pp., more

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