Manton pitch presentations

Below we present pitch presenentations of the 10 Manton Prize nominees. They will present their research during the Manton session (Tuesday 25 August).


Marine Vallet - Biodiversity, secondary metabolome and ecological role of fungal endophytes associated with the brown algae Laminaria digitataAscophyllum nodosumSaccharina latissima and Pelvetia canaliculata


Kenny Bogaert  - Two-phased cell polarisation in the brown alga Dictyota

Leanne Melbourne - The importance of revealing cryptic diversity in relation to assessing the structural integrity of the maerl bed habitat

David Russo - Multidisciplinary analysis of a freshwater lake microbial community under differing nutrient regimes

Sohail Keegan Pinto -  Diversity and Phylogeny of the benthic dinoflagellate genus Testudodinium (Dinophyceae)

Raquel Sánchez de Pedro - Nutrient and light responses in two estuarine rhodophytes: implications for their zonation

Francesco Paolo Mancuso - Bacterial diversity changes to simulated local and global stressors on the canopy-forming alga Cystoseira compressa

Julie Zedler - Investigating the feasibility of high value compound production in microalgae

Manoj Kalamanthan - Use of heterotrophy and mixotrophy for algal biomass production

Laura Vitale - Mating type related genes in Pseudo-nitzschia multistriata