The following full day excursions are planned:

  1. Stonehenge and Salisbury. Visit to the famous Stonehenge standing stone circle, with its new visitor centre and a walk around the stone circle. Salisbury is described as the City in the Countryside. The Early English Gothic cathedral houses the famous Magna Carta and the city is full of history.
    Please see the following links Stonehenge & Salisbury
  2. Bath. Designated a World Heritage site, Bath is full of Georgian architecture, houses the famous Roman baths and Bath Abbey, the last medieval cathedral to be built in Britain.
    Please see the following links Bath, Bath-Abbey & Roman-Baths

Both excursions will include return coach travel and guided tours to the prime sites, as well as free-time to explore the respective cities.

Scientific excursion – We hope to have a day excursion to phycologically interesting sites in Kent.

Half-day visit

The Natural History Museum –Tours of the Cryptogamic Herbarium, with particular emphasis on the algal collections, and the historic Sloane collections.
There will also be time to see the public exhibitions.

If congress participants wish to study any part of the collections in more detail they must contact the Algal curator (Ms Jo Wilbraham) in advance.

Other places of scientific interest in the area

Down House, home of Charles Darwin – Downe, near Bromley. Tours of garden possible in August.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – Famous gardens, next to the R. Thames.
Wellcome Collection - A unique mix of galleries and events, a place where people could can learn more about the development of medicine through the ages and across cultures.

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