Student symposium


All students attending EPC6 are invited to participate in our ‘student symposium’ during which invited speakers will be sharing their experiences and giving advice on topics focal to students and early career researchers. Angela Falciatore from University Pierre and Marie CURIE will begin the session with a presentation and discussion on building a successful career in phycology. A brief introduction into the European science funding streams open to postgraduate students and young researchers will be given by Claire Gachon of The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), drawing from her personal experiences to highlight the dos and don’ts of scientific fundraising. Also from SAMS, Michelle Stanley will extend the scope of the session to highlight how students can twin academic phycological research with the applied phycology sector. Finally, Ross Mounce from The Natural History Museum, London, will present the popular tools, platforms and journals available to the new generation of scientists to effectively practice transparent, digital, reproducible research. The session will be informal, organized by students for students, with plenty of opportunity for discussion. We hope to see you all there.