Stakeholder meeting - Program | Marinebiotech

Stakeholder meeting - Program

Marine Biotechnology - enabling future innovations

Thursday 13 October 2016

08:30   Registration and coffee

09:00   Welcome and introduction to the meeting
Steinar Bergseth (ERA-MBT Coordinator), The Research Council of Norway

09:15   The ERA-MBT marine biotechnology research and innovation roadmap
Dermot Hurst (ERA-MBT WP2 leader), Marine Institute, Ireland


Session 1:  Marine biotechnology, an industry perspective
Chair & Introduction: Torger Børresen, ERA-MBT

09:30   Keynote 1: Algal resources and applications
Dagmar Stengel, NUI Galway, Ireland

09:50   Marine biotechnology and aquaculture
Ashie Norris, Marine Harvest, Norway

10.05   Marine biotechnology and animal nutrition 
John T O’Sullivan, BioAtlantis Ltd, Ireland

10:20   Marine biotechnology and cosmetics           
Remi Laville, Cosmos International Ingredients, France

10:35   Marine biotechnology and the consumer goods industry    
Sarah Hosking, Unilever Ltd, UK

10:50   Panel discussion
moderated by Torger Børresen

11:10 Coffee break


Session 2: Building a marine biotechnology venture
Chair & Introduction: Nathalie Moll, EuropaBio

11:30   Keynote 2: Biodiscovery activity
Fernando de la Calle, PharmaMar, Spain

11:50   Financing marine biotechnology projects – what’s the attraction? 
Øyvind Enger, Sarsia Seed AS, Norway

12.05   IP Challenges, pitfalls and opportunities for marine biotech     
Jan Buch Andersen, Njorth Bio AS, Norway

12:20   Overcoming the barriers in developing marine biotechnology enabled products
Levent Piker, oceanBASIS GmbH, Germany

12:35   Getting products to market   
Andrew Mearns Spragg, Jellagen Pty Ltd, UK

12.50   Panel discussion        
moderated by Nathalie Moll

13:10   Lunch


Session 3: Supporting marine biotechnology RTDI
Chair & Introduction: Steinar Bergseth, ERA-MBT

14:10   Keynote 3: Biorefining marine biomass
Ole J. Marvik, Innovation Norway, Norway

14:30   The role of research institutes in supporting marine biotechnology enabled enterprises    
Hordur G. Kristinsson, Matis Ltd, Iceland

14:45   Regional marine biotechnology initiatives – what’s their impact?
Angela Schultz-Zehden, SUBMARINER Network, Germany

15:00   Marine biotechnology within frameworks proposed by SCAR foresights
Andrew Brown, Scottish Government Marine and Energy Division, United Kingdom

15:15   Panel discussion: ERA-MBT future 
moderated by Steinar Bergseth

15:35 Coffee break


Session 4: ERA-MBT and other EU supported projects
Chair & Introduction: Alan Dobson, University College Cork, Ireland

15:55   MARBioFEED         
Jane Kilcoyne, Marine Institute, Ireland

16:10   MicroMBT     
Peik Haugen, The Arctic University of Norway

16:25   PharmaSea     
Alan Dobson, University College Cork, Ireland

16:40   MicroB3         
Peter Golyshin, Bangor University, UK

16:55   INMARE       
Peter Golyshin, Bangor University, UK       

17:10   Panel discussion        
moderated by Alan Dobson

17:30   Networking cocktail


Friday 14 October 2016

08:30   Registration and coffee


Session 5:  Future research and innovation opportunities
Chair & Introduction: Dermot Hurst, ERA-MBT

9:00     Keynote 4: European perspectives
Laura Giuliano, CIESM, Italy       

9:20     What are likely developments for exploring remote ocean territories?
Wiebe Kooistra, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Italy

9:35     Tools, techniques and infrastructure – bioinformatics in marine biotechnology
Nils Peder Willassen, University of Tromso, Norway

9:50     Novel bioprocessing – what are the future processing challenges?
Bruno Sommer Ferreira, Biotrend SA, Portugal

10:05   Future -omics developments
Dimitra Benaki, University of Athens, Greece

10:20   Open forum – next steps for marine biotechnology   
Moderated by Rachael Ritchie, Genome British Columbia, Canada

12:00   Close and lunch