As carbonate mounds are increasingly found in diverse contexts and the COCARDE network drives exploration to the true frontiers of carbonate systems research (high pressure, low and high temperatures, microbial and metazoan consortia, hypersaline environments, deep sea, continental impact craters and rift systems, exobiology, in vitro experimentation, etc.), scientists might wish to verify to what extent innovating topics in carbonate research might qualify for COCARDE-ERN workshop grants, before they submit a full proposal.


For this purpose and as a general incentive, both to stimulate frontier topics and mainstream themes, scientists are invited to submit at any time outline proposals for COCARDE Workshops (with or without field seminar). These outline proposals, max. two pages in size (Times New Roman, 12 pt., single spacing), should be sent to:



and concisely describe the theme, draft programme, expected impact, proposed venue and proponent team.

The COCARDE-ERN Steering Committee, after consultation of the Science Advisory Group, will respond to the proponents with possible advice. When the concept proves eligible and has reached maturity, it can be submitted as regular full proposal at the next call deadline, July 1st or February 1st. Outline proposals are optional, and not a prerequisite for the submission of full proposals. Approved full proposals for workshops with associated field seminars can be funded up to nominally 15 kEuro. Applicants are encouraged to raise co-funding from other sources, where relevant. Guidelines for science meeting applications can be found here.