Phase I (2009-2011)

COCARDE - International Coordination Action



The first phase of COCARDE-ICA (2009-2011) contributed to set the stage of the international momentum which meets COCARDE’s vision, mission and strategy:

  • the vision: to forge synergy between the academic communities studying recent and fossil carbonate mound systems, the industrial world discovering the potential of deep-water carbonate mound systems as hydrocarbon reservoir analogs, and young scientists fascinated by this research,

  • the mission: to develop operational drilling opportunities and generate new data for the benefit of a continuing flux of young scientists, to foster academia-industry partnerships for doctoral and postdoctoral projects, and to extend and share these dynamics with developing teams through capacity building,

  • the strategy which comprises three axes: (1) to consolidate the overall coordination of COCARDE by the Ghent-Leuven “core group”, (2) to develop Flanders’ role in capacity building, meeting the priorities of IOC-UNESCO, and (3) to consolidate, develop and coordinate international, Flanders-moved initiatives in scientific drilling (IODP, ICDP, MeBo, EuroFleets, etc.).