CoCaRDE - A Network of Projects

In the implementation of the network, CoCaRDE teams will play an important role on the national scenes, on the European scene (primarily with ESF or EC support) and on a global scene (IOC UNESCO). National teams may naturally cluster, where a minimal critical mass is available. Examples are the clustering of the Ghent, Leuven and Liège teams in Belgium, the Fribourg, Geneva and Zürich teams in Switzerland, and the Rabat, Tangier and Marrakech teams in Morocco.


However, teaming up of different research groups on an international level needs coordination and communication, which is even more needed when academy meets industry or vice versa. Therefore, this site aims to be an important tool for "advertising" research topics, projects, initiatives of the academic research world, which might be attractive for the industry to start partnerships and to co-fund PhD or postdoctoral grants.


The following projects are currently involved in the framework of CoCaRDE:


Project Sponsor Period
CoCaRDE-Flanders FWO 2009–2011
IGCP-580 IGCP-UNESCO 2009–2013
INWADE DFG 2013–2014