Cold-Water Carbonate Mounds in Shallow and Deep Time – The European Research Network (COCARDE-ERN)

– Standing Committee for Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences (LESC) 

The ESF Research Network “Cold-Water Carbonate Mounds in Shallow and Deep Time – The European Research Network” (COCARDE-ERN) aims to bring together Earth scientists from the research fields of modern and ancient carbonate mound systems.  
  • The aim of COCARDE-ERN is to foster new views and strategies in the study of modern cold-water carbonate mounds and to explore the possibility of exporting new insights into the geological past.
  • COCARDE-ERN will develop a common effort towards integrated and comparative scientific drilling research in sub-recent and ancient carbonate factories, on land and at sea, in warm and cold water systems, crossing intersectorial boundaries within the academic community and building bridges towards industrial research.
  • COCARDE-ERN will create a profound knowledge platform upon which young researchers can build-up their career by training and acquiring multi-disciplinary skills in earth sciences.
More information is available on the COCARDE-ERN homepage.