Project Structure



COCARDE comprises 4 Task Groups: COCARDE-Forum, COCARDE-Science, COCARDE-Operations, and COCARDE-Capacity. These form the 4 pillars of a cost-efficient, distributed management scheme. A Coordination Cell is the central contact point of the project.

The task of COCARDE – Forum is mining for ideas and opportunities of cooperation between the academic mound research community and Industry. COCARDE – Science translates the ideas collected into workable 4-years Science Plans and JIP, scouting for the required capacity in the academic world and designing an attractive project architecture. Ideally, any JIP should comprise two operational flag actions, one in the first term of two years, the other one in the second term, to generate a quasi continuous flow of PhD‟s. PhD applicants would thus be offered the perspective of at least one major data acquisition within a 3- to 4-years fellowship term, on which their research could nucleate. With such perspective, they can build a convincing case into their grant application.

COCARDE – Operations
takes the lead of the operations and logistics of the COCARDE JIP and plans the 2-years operational terms. The intention is to base it at MARUM in Bremen, which designed and operates the MeBo drilling system. Bremen moreover features one of the best equipped IODP core repositories and it provides spacious facilities for core curation, description and sampling, geophysical and XRF core scanning, data management (Pangaea), etc. Bremen would – where relevant – manage the subcontracts of potential services such as vessel chartering, etc., also in case of non-MeBo operations.

COCARDE - Capacity
is an important background task of COCARDE, essential to stimulate and optimally prepare the input flow of PhD candidates into COCARDE Science. Networking dynamic master programmes throughout Europe and beyond, stimulating professional apprenticeships and temporary staff secondments between Industry and Academia to strengthen graduate/doctoral schools and make them better meet the needs of Society and Industry, gathering industrial support for onshore/offshore field courses and training: these are challenges of COCARDE-Capacity.