Obvious potential topics of interest from Industry has been identified in modern mound research, while academic and fundamental scientific research on carbonate mounds dramatically benefits from the interaction with the hydrocarbon industrial community. Cooperation with Industry indeed may open vast perspectives of an increased access to the vast industrial database on fossil cold-water carbonate reservoir systems, to better confront the observations from the modern ocean with those of the geological record. Only through this approach, we may possibly elucidate a strategy of Life, nearly as old as Life itself.


Moreover, at a time when the hydrocarbon industry addresses the more complex reservoirs worldwide, it expresses an outspoken interest for the type of recruitment pool which our community is shaping. The present level of recruitment by the research departments of leading oil companies is encouraging, but more young brains are needed in the near future. Through an intelligent partnership scheme with Industry, we claim to be able to contribute in a significant way to a sustained flow of top-level Earth scientists for Society and Industry.


Meetings, seminars and workshops are crucial for communication between Industry and Science. Coming Up events indicate our progress of CoCaRDE in the near future, while Archive documents our past initiatives.