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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

VUAmsterdamOur research profile involves research of carbonate rocks in the widest sense. Their properties, provenance, and use in hydrocarbon prediction, but also in paleoclimate research.


The group combines work on controls of depositional systems with work on petrophysical, isotopic (stable isotopes, Rb/Sr, U/Th) and geochemical properties (iridium anomalies) of sedimentary rocks. We specialize in reefs, shallow-water carbonates and speleothems, but we also work on sedimentary rhythms, siliciclastics, (hemi)pelagics and impact related rocks (paleo-tsunami research).


The regional spread of our activities includes the Netherlands, the French Alps and Southern Provence Basin, Spain, Egypt, Oman, and Iran; finally, we are participating in marine work (ODP-IODP) on the Maldives and the Bahamas.






The Earth Sciences faculty offers a wide range of laboratory facilities.
  1. The geochemical analysis facilities include: XRF, Quadrupole Thermo X-Series II ICPMS for trace element analyses, Electron microprobe, Two TIMS instruments (Finnigan MAT 261, Finnigan MAT 262)
  2. Stable isotope laboratory: Finnigan 251, Amsterdam Fluid Inclusion Crusher.
  3. Sedimentology laboratory: Grain-size (SYMPATEC Helos laser), Carbonate content (LECO), CNS (Thermo Finnegan Flash EA-1112 NC).
  4. Geophysical laboratory: Physical properties (GeoTek), High-pressure Vp-Vs measurements, Porosity, Permeability



Prof. Dr.
John J.G. Reijmer


Philippe Leonide


Related Publications:


Floquet, M., Neuweiler, F. and Léonide, P., subm. Carbonate-silica diagenesis, and silica recycling in a middle Jurassic stromatactis sponge mud-mound, Sainte-Baume massif, SE France. JSR, submitted.




Leonide, P., Floquet, M., Baudin, F., 2009. Bio- and lithofacies mineralogy and organic content of Challenger Mound (Porcupine Seabight, SW Ireland). In: Ferdelman, T.G., Kano, A., Williams, T., Henriet, J.-P., and the Expedition 307 Scientists. Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, 30, doi:10.2204/iodp.proc.307.204.2009.

Schlager, W., Reijmer, J.J.G., 2009. Carbonate platform slopes of the Alpine Triassic and the Neogene – a comparison. Austrian J. Earth Sci. 102, 4-14.